His big surprise and what he ate “for the first time” in his life


The signing of the American Jonathan Bornstein for him Life Social Club It is the bomb that shook the leg market of the National League prior to the start of the Clausura 2023 tournament.

Honduras is the fourth country in which the World Cup player in South Africa 2010 will play league tournaments, having previously done so in the United States, Mexico and Israel.

The North American left back lived his first 24 hours in Catracho territory on January 14 and while admiring the beauties of the Ceibeña beach he revealed to TEN some anecdotes that have surprised and filled him with emotion.

Jonathan Bornstein has received a lot of love from the Honduran people on social networks.

The 38-year-old footballer recounted the difference he noticed and liked between the Catracho airport (Ramon Villeda Morales) compared to those of other air terminals in which it has been.

In the same way, he commented on the typical foods he has eaten and revealed that “since the plane flew over Honduras, I observed the territory from above and took photos to show my family how everything was so green and beautiful. Once at the airport, people recognized me and we began to take many photos. I liked it and I felt very comfortable”.

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And he added: “I was much more moved when I left the doors of the plane to see all the people being very good to me was something very special. It struck me that when you go through customs at airports in the United States, everything is very serious, just like Mexico or other countries, and here after doing the paperwork, the member who checked me asked for my first photo and at the end He said welcome to Honduras.”

Jonathan Bornstein has cared for TEN since his stay on the beautiful beaches of the Atlantic.

Although the long journey from San Pedro Sula to the city of La Ceiba can be very strenuous, to Bornstein it was the opposite.

“We traveled four hours to reach our destination and I was enjoying everything seeing the wonderful landscape. we stopped at Fabric because I was very hungry after the flight and I ate very tasty and fresh fish, then we walked for a moment along the sand of the beach and bought green mangoes with salt and pepper, something I had never tasted in my life. I also bought 50 lempiras of lichas on the road, now I just need to try the famous baleadas, ”he recounted about the journey.

The 2007 Gold Cup champion was accompanied by the young Honduran representative Maynor siguenza The girlfriend from Honduras and while they were having breakfast in front of the beach told us: “I could always be in front of the beach, I love to see the waves, the sand and listen to the sound”.

The young representative of 19 years, Maynor Sigüenza, made possible the signing of Bornstein by Vida.

Jonathan he was surprised to see all the fruits that are sold in Honduras that is totally new to him.

The former Chicago Fire He told us that he has been very aware of his new team. “Yesterday (Saturday) I was watching the friendly match against Social Sol on the phone. I am very anxious to be with them now, but it will be until Monday,” he released.

This Sunday will be the official presentation of the left back and it is reported ready for the start of the tournament next Saturday if the coach considers it so Raul Caceres.

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