his difficult childhood and his first jobs

The city of Houston gave birth to Colson Baker without having the slightest suspicion of the star he would become, and that years later, in his adolescence, he adopted the name of Machine Gun Kelly, with which he was baptized for the fluidity and speed of his rhymes. He is a musician away from everything that is considered conventional and impossible to pigeonhole into an artistic discipline or genre. His success is not restricted to rap, he has also found his place in punk, rock and pop, not forgetting his foray into the big screen. The rise of his career in recent years has come hand in hand with his stability on an emotional level, because while his passionate relationship with Megan fox going from strength to strength, the rapper is going through a time of reconciliation with his past, which has hinted at his complicated childhood marked by abandonment and lack.



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The parents of MGK they were missionaries, so he constantly changed residences. He lived in Egypt -where he learned to speak Arabic-, Germany and several cities in the United States, including Denver, where he moved with his father once he was 9 years old and his mother left home without a ticket. of return, a painful passage that he talks about in his song Burning Memoriesfrom 2019. “This is for the mom I never knew,” begins the theme that continues, “How did you leave your only son for another guy? … All the years that you ignored me left me without sleeping in bed … I spent twenty years waiting on the stairs.”

The maternal detachment was added to the mental health problems that her father would have dragged. According to the media Daily Mailsuffered from depression and this made it difficult for him to keep his jobs, so the economic situation of the Bakers was not the best, as stated by the singer himself in his single late, where he declares not having had a bed just a chair to sleep and talks about his rebellious behavior: “I’m still dealing with some demons that aren’t really there, I grew up like a mess, I pierced my ear and dyed my damn hair.”

Upon completion of high school, Machine Gun Kelly had to leave home due to his worn relationship with his father, whom he acknowledged owed him an apology for being a “son who broke the rules”, and recalled in an interview with GQ the tens of thousands of dollars his dad spent for all the times he was arrested and how long it took to find out he had missed an entire semester. “I don’t know how he did it and I understand why it took us 25 years to finally get along,” he shared.


In those years, he made his first steps in music while earning a few extra cents making burritos at Chipotle, which he referred to as the worst job he has ever had. “A lot of people coming home for Christmas from college would come in and say, ‘Damn! I thought you were supposed to be a great rapper now. What happened?’ They laughed at me constantly and I thought, ‘Maybe I’ll be stuck in jobs like this forever,’” he recalled.

He began to make a name for himself thanks to his performances in impetuous rap battles at the Apollo Theater in New York. His life took an unexpected turn after an encounter with the producer Sean Combswhich offered him a contract with his label Bad Boys Records, giving way to the release of his debut album, lace-up.


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The recent reconciliation with his mother

The wound left by his mother’s departure seems to have begun to heal after the singer reconciled with her in June 2021, a reunion that became a reality with the help of fans, as confirmed through his account. Twitter. “A wild story but after all these years the fans are responsible for me and my mom finally reconnecting, I love you guys,” he wrote.

It was a time of mixed feelings for Machine Gun Kelly, who a year earlier had to say goodbye to his father. The 32-year-old rapper wrote that July 2020 on Twitter that the death of his father coincided with the anniversary of the release of his album Hotel Devil and confessed that he had never “felt such deep pain.”

The singer has continued with his healing process. In early June 2022, he introduced his mom on Instagram, where she posted a photo of them both sitting on the floor. Without a doubt, that bleak adolescence made MGK a loving and dedicated father with his daughter Cassieaged 13, as a result of his relationship with Emma Canon.


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