his donation is an act of love


Ariana Grande proves once again that she has a heart of gold and makes a maxi donation in favor of a cause that is particularly close to her heart.

Ariana Great Profile
The artist Ariana Grande (source: Instagram)

only 28 years, but already behind a formidable career and also some scoring experiences that have changed it definitively. Ariana Grande she is one of the most appreciated artists in the world pop scene and, probably, “great” is also the adjective that can be used to describe her generosity.

And it is an event that has affected his career to have accentuated even more this side of his character. In 2017, during one of his concerts, a ISIS attack she killed 23 people in the audience and only a long course of therapy helped her to overcome this trauma and to take her life and career back in hand. Now, she, who is a privileged one, would like to extend this possibility to those who can afford it less than she does.

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Ariana Grande: her donation is super

She announced it herself through an Instagram post. Donated about a million dollars to the association Better Help which deals with providing psychological support to those who cannot afford it. A reality that bases its activity precisely on donations from benefactors, but the artist has really done things in a big way by reclaiming a huge amount.

Thanks to this initiative, anyone who wants to participate in the program will have access to a free month of psychotherapy sessions and, if they then want to decide to continue, they can get the 15% discount on every session booked. “Therapy should not be for a privileged few, but something accessible to all”, she wrote on social media to confirm, even if there were a need, this initiative of hers.


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