his father Walter and his brother Andrea were absent

Orange blossom for Nicolò Zenga, one of Walter’s five children. On Saturday 20 November the young man – seen last year at Big Brother Vip in support of his younger brother Andrea – got married Marina Crialesi, actress known for the soap opera Un posto al sole. An intimate ceremony, in the presence of a few guests, with important absences. The various members of the Zenga family were not present at the event. Neither Spider-Man, nor Andrea with his girlfriend Rosalinda Cannavò. New quarrels in the family after the newfound harmony? Not really…

The choice of Nicolò Zenga

“Well yes, we got married! We wanted to have an intimate ceremony in common. Something that was only ours and shared only with witnesses and bridesmaids before having the “big event” in the Church “, said Nicolò Zenga on Instagram. “Unfortunately Marina’s family could not be present and for this reason we decided to keep this moment just for us. All with the support and support of both of our families that even from a distance have been able to stay close to us “, he explained before thanking everyone for the messages of love received. “Today only this counts, love”, he pointed out.

Who is Nicolò Zenga’s wife

Born in 1989, just like Nicolò Zenga, Marina Crialesi is a Calabrian actress who grew up in Rimini. To pursue her dream in the entertainment world, she then moved to Rome. After several roles in some fiction, she achieved great popularity in 2016, when she joined the cast of Un posto al sole, the famous Rai Tre soap. Marina wears the clothes of the lawyer Beatrice Lucenti. Zenga and Crialesi have been a steady couple since November 2020. Galeotto was Instagram. The actress put a little heart under a photo of Nicolò, immediately attracting the attention of the son of Walter Zenga, who then contacted Crialesi in direct. The brother of Andrea Zenga he did not know Marina: he did not never seen an episode of Un posto al sole.

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