his graduation with a double in the Atlas vs Chivas could not have been better

Jeremy Márquez is already consolidatedó  as a good player in Liga MX, but you have to be cautious with the process of him.  (Photo: Jaime Lopez/Jam Media/Getty Images) part of the Torneo Grita Mexico A21 Liga MX at Hidalgo Stadium on August 9, 2021 in Pachuca, Mexico.  (Photo by Jaime Lopez/Jam Media/Getty Images)

Jeremy Márquez has already established himself as a good player in Liga MX, but you have to be careful with his process. (Photo: Jaime Lopez/Jam Media/Getty Images)

The attacker of Atlas, Jeremy Marquezsigned an incredible performance at a time when very few shine: quarterfinals and against the staunch opponent, Chivas. The roijnegro academy player signed the double that gave his team the victory and showed that is already graduated to shine in Liga MX.

When talking about the best quarries in Mexico, Cougars it is the first to appear because of the history that supports it. He then he arrives Pachuca for his ambitious project and the players who have come out of it like Hirving Lozano either Erick Gutierrezbut Atlas continues to show that it is another important hotbed in national football.

Jeremy Marquez not only states that Atlas has quality youngsters in its core forces, but possibly other teams in the league have this virtue as well. The offensive midfielder showed that at home there is what is needed and that the figures are made with performances and regularitynot with media praise.

Although he is a young man who has a short professional career, the experience he has continues to support his high level. he proclaimed himself champion in the U-20 category in the Clausura 2019, and went clue in midfield for Atlas will conquer the Apertura 2021 and lift the Liga MX trophy after 70 years.

His name is already in the history books. Foxes and the League, but only he and his work will determine how far does it go, or how far does it stay.

Márquez has been an element of the total confidence of the strategistDiego Coca. Of the 17 regular phase games in Clausura 2022 he saw activity in 15 and in 11 he started. Now, in the search for the bi-championship, he showed that not even the “heaviest rival” intimidates him.

His very history tells him that he has to stand out and face complicated challenges. The young athlete is the penultimate of 15 brothers and has affirmed that this condition helped him to be the footballer that he has become: “They instilled the sport in me, because at any moment you heard ‘let’s play’. Also competing against bigger people helped me to take a good level”, he said in an interview for Atlas in 2020.

What makes the 21-year-old special is his ability to play in the top division with frightening ease, his feet show a long career as a midfielder, but his debut in the first division dates back just two years, specifically to the Clausura 2020; it was a duel in the Azteca Stadium against Cruz Azul when Jeremy began to write his story.

Individual technique, good ball handling, long drives and offensive play generation are some of the virtues that the person trained in The Academy of Mexico.

The Pearl of Tapatia

Born in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Jeremy knows what it means to be a fully qualified athlete, in your home red and black have always been the colors. Since she was 13 years old, she has defended the institution and has won, based on performances and not reflectorsthe title of “the new red and black jewel”.

One of the reasons why he has been able to stand out is the perseverance and discipline that he has implemented since the beginning of his career. “I am very responsible, very disciplined. Even being late annoys me. I focus a lot on those things of schedules and not missing training.

Márquez is the living example of what the Rojinegro team needs: young footballers who know the essence of the institution and respond at crucial moments; something that not even the best prospects could achieve.

Jeremy Márquez failedó  score in the regular phase, but in the league he already has two goals.  (Photo: Refugio Ruiz/Getty Images)

Jeremy Márquez failed to score in the regular phase, but in the league he already has two goals. (Photo: Refugio Ruiz/Getty Images)

Alfonso Gonzalez, one of the last promises of Atlas, was emerging as the star that would lead them to greatness. His credentials were not minor: he was U-17 Champion at the 2011 World Cup; he had been forged in the bowels of the institution; and he had a little comparable technical quality.

However, his memory in the red and black team is bitter. She was since 2009 (in the U-15, U-17 and U-20 categories) with The academy, debuted in 2012 and left in 2016 to Monterey.

Although he gave good performances wearing the athletic colors, an episode against Chivas left him marked. In the Clausura 2015 one more edition of the Classic Tapatio; the game was 1-1 and a penalty in the final stretch could break the tie. little poncho, hungry to be great, he charged it panenka style, he failed it, and buried his legacy as a “figure”.


Normally, when a young Mexican shows his best version, public opinion and other characters encapsulate his future in a goal: Europe. You have to be careful with those kinds of claims.

Márquez’s graduation came as an attacking midfielder with enviable qualities for Liga MX. Still He has not proven to be a player who is ready to make the leap to the Old Continent; if that is his intention and if he works as he has done so far, he can possibly achieve it. But for now, he must continue to stand out in national territory, just renewed contract until 2025 with Atlas.

You already know what it’s like to fulfill a dream, when he just debuted he was asked what he would like to see happen with his career later, to which he replied: “Be a champion with Atlas.” That goal, as impossible as it seemed, he achieved it. Now, the steps you need to take should be cautious to meet the following.

“In the future I want to be champion with Atlas, and then I would like to play outside the country, which is almost everyone’s dream, in Europein the big tournaments. It would also be good if they called me up for Selection in any category; It has never touched me, but it is something that excites me”


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