His look-alike gets kicked out of a club, valid Drake!

What if the Drake look-alike started to take up a little too much space? Originally validated by Champagne Papi, his slightly too noisy dopplegänger was kicked out of a club. And drake seemed to enjoy it.

Fake Drake goes too far

Discovered in 2021, this lookalike of drakewhich is moreover soberly nicknamed “Fake Drake”, will have multiplied outings lately, playing the provocation card on demand. Even going so far as to complain that the 6 God is copying him in terms of clothing, the fake Drake was kicked out of a club in Houston last weekend. In a video relayed on social networks, it is offered to see the look-alike escorted by security on site to the exit, without any consideration.

Promoter Chris Chizer even went there with his comment, humiliating the look-alike: “The Fake Drake can’t be there, he has to leave. So we kick him out. » The video in question, published on the networks of Akademiks, has since garnered a like from Drake himself, who seems to have enjoyed seeing his dopplegänger come out like a common stranger. And yet, the same Fake Drake repeated at will to have been validated by his model: “Drake said something like, ‘I don’t mind, it doesn’t affect me, let that guy get his ticket.’ »

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