His name will be Miracle

A Canadian doctor delivered a baby girl on a Qatar Airways flight from Doha to Uganda. The baby, who was named Miracle Aisha, and the mom are fine and healthy.

A Canadian doctor, Aisha Khatib, Professor at the University of Toronto, she delivered a baby girl on a flight from Doha in Uganda. It was she who told about the “miracle” that took place at high altitude last December 5 aboard an aircraft of the Qatar Airways. “I never thought I’d give birth to a woman like this. Thanks to all the crew for the support. Mom and baby are fine and healthy,” Aisha wrote on Twitter also sharing photos of the baby immediately after birth.

The little girl was called Miracle Aisha, in homage to the doctor who helped her to be born and to point out the fact that her birth was a real miracle. The plane had left Doha with about an hour on 5 December when the search for a doctor started on board: a woman, a Ugandan immigrant in Saudi Arabia who was returning to her country was preparing to give birth. So the Canadian doctor, who was in Arabia on vacation, came forward and helped the woman to give birth. “As I approached, I saw this woman lying on the floor and the little girl who was going out,” Aisha told her. BBC, who was also helped on board by an oncology nurse and a pediatrician from Doctors Without Borders.

The baby was born in the 35th week of pregnancy, but both she and her mother are fine. “When I said she was a sissy and that she was fine, all the passengers applauded,” recalled the doctor again, who concluded: “The best part of this story is that they decided to give the child the My name. The birth took place on December 5th but I returned to Canada and was taken from work due to the pandemic of Covid and I was able to share this joy on social media only now “.

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