his new album ‘saved his life’

Camila Cabello credit:Bang Showbiz

Camila Cabello credit:Bang Showbiz

Camila Cabello says her new album “saved her life”. The star has actually revealed that she felt very depressed when she wrote her new album “Familia”.

Just before the album’s release on Friday, April 8, the singer said on her TikTok account, “Wowzer! ‘Familia’ is finally out. This album is so close to my heart. The adventure of making it really blew me away. changed a lot. Without wanting to be dramatic, it changed my life. You know, I started this album when my mental health was at its lowest and the process of creating it, being vulnerable and honest about my experiences, asking help, changed my life. I’m so proud of it and I’m so glad you can listen to it today.”

In addition, Shawn Mendes recently confided that he and Camila have remained good friends despite their separation last year.

According to the Canadian artist, who made the revelations on the show ‘On Air with Ryan Seacrest’, the former lovebirds are still on good terms and he also explained that he loved Camila for so many years that it will never change. Shawn’s new track ‘When You’re Gone’ evokes their very public breakup and the star admitted that writing the record was a therapeutic experience for him.

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