Hispanic about to fulfill her dream in Space Medicine and needs support

Victoria Rendón has a goal of $40,000 on her gofundme page, but she has only been able to raise $6,785.

(NEWS NOW).- Victoria Rendón is a young Hispanic woman, the daughter of Mexican-American immigrants, who is fulfilling one of her greatest desires, to study space medicine, for which she is now doing her master’s degree in Space Studies at the International Space University in Strasbourg, France.

Rendón has a goal of $40,000 on his gofundme page, but he has only been able to raise $6,785 in order to finish his studies in space medicine.

Since she was a child, Victoria has had a great passion for space and as she grew older, she realized that she could follow her passions in space and medicine, which is why she has sought help from the community to make her biggest dream come true.

history of victory

Victoria Rendón’s dreams began when her Mexican parents arrived in the city of Chicago, where she was born and raised; although, since her parents retired, they made the decision to move to Laredo, Texas.

When Victoria was in Laredo she was 13-14 years old and it was in this same city where she began to study for her degree, but in 2014 she had to drop out because her family was affected by unforeseen financial problems; however, despite this situation, she sought to continue preparing herself and ended up working in different fields of medicine for six years; although, after working she returned to finish her degree in Biology at Texas A & M International University.

The jobs he obtained were in different areas of medicine, such as HIV care, genetics, pediatrics, general medicine, laboratories and dermatology.

Some time after working in different branches of medicine, he had a study trip to Italy for a summer, because he wanted to go to medical school, just as the prices of having medical training in Europe are cheaper than in United States, Victoria noted.

During that trip, she discovered the university where she is currently doing her master’s degree, the International Space University, which “had the things I needed to get into the space sector,” Victoria said.

Despite the few chances she had of being accepted to the university, because she had no experience in the space field, Rendón gave herself the opportunity to apply for a master’s degree, to later be accepted.

In December he will finish the first year of his master’s degree and will start his thesis in January, so he still has two years to complete his studies. Victoria is currently in Switzerland doing some studies, “I was studying the spinal discs, because apparently astronauts when they are in microgravity, one believes that the discs and the spine relax a little, but when they return to earth , they have more chances of having herniated discs… more than us… I was studying the genes that affect that”, Victoria mentioned.

Undoubtedly, Victoria Rendón represents the great capacity that exists within the Hispanic community, just as she shows us that if you work hard and never lose focus on your goals, you can achieve them.

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