Historic signing! Diego González and his path from Celaya to RomeHalftime

Diego Luis Gonzalez Alcaraz soccer player originally from Paraguay, became the first export of the Second Division of Mexico to a Europe’s top leagueafter last Tuesday its official surprising transfer to lazio of the A series from Italy.

The 20-year-old footballer was signed by celaya at the winter market season 2021-2022However, the Liga de Expansión MX team had a follow-up from two years ago, when before the pandemic began, some managers traveled to Paraguayan territory in search of young talent.

So that Diego Luis will arrive in Celayain addition to the continuity in their visories, joined the factor of the economic crisis caused by the pandemic, which caused the Liberty Clubwhere he began his career, did not extend his contract, leaving him free in mid-2020.

“We made a trip to Paraguay to see young people shortly before the pandemic, that’s where theor we saw for the first time and we even talked about the possibility that he could come,” he said. Jose Hanansports director of the Bulls of Celaya in interview for halftime. “During the pandemic it was lost, in Paraguay there was an issue where players did not sign because there was no money to pay them,” he added.

After a Panama soccer adventure at the Club Deportivo del Este between 2019 and 2021, and another in Peru with the University of San Martín, the board of directors of the Bulls decided to go for him, and already with prior knowledge, plus some references from the coaching staff of the Selection of Paraguay Sub-20finalized his signing.

“We followed up and he had a moment where he did not do very well in the San Martín team from Peru, and there we thought it was time. We asked the people of the Paraguayan National Team for references and we had already seen conditions for soccer in Mexico and here it exploded.”

The tournament that put him in the European elite

The South American U-20 Championship and his call with the Paraguayan team were key to the signing of Diego to Lazioand it is that according to Jose Hananalthough they had already received some attractive offers, they knew that in that tournament they could generate interest in other clubs.

And so it was, the director of Celaya commented that teams of MLS, Brazil, Argentina, Spain, Germany, England and Francebeing Italian soccer the one they chose together to continue their career.

“We had better cheap dealsbut the integral issue at Lazio, that the coach liked the boy, the coach had said yes to take him to the first team and give him the chance to fight for a position as an extra-community, the truth that convinced us a lot”, he commented Hananwho added that Mauricio Sarricoach of the team from the Italian capital, was the one who requested the incorporation of the Guarani for the first team.

We had offers in Spain, in MLSin a very large team from Brazil, another from Argentina, but they were mostly offers where the boy was going to play in the reserves and here Mauricio Sarri asked him to join the team from the outset. Before the South American we had an offer of a important team of Spain, which is always between the first and second division. Teams from Germany, from the Premier League, from France, so when these people come up and ask you for information, you realize that something interesting was surely coming”.

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