Historical inflation of 94.8%; Shakira, queen of empowered resentment; Miley Cyrus advances “Flowers”, and more…

1. Historical inflation: in 2022 the price increase was 94.8%

Inflation in December marked 5.1% and the interannual variation reached 94.8%. Despite not reaching three digits as estimated in the last months of the year, it is the highest variation since 1991.

2. Dollar today: the parallel currency closed at $361 for sale and the gap reached 99.5%

How much is the blue dollar, MEP and “counted with liquid” traded in the City of Buenos Aires today, Thursday, January 12. What is the gap with the official dollar?

3. Grudges in the house: Shakira, queen of empowered resentment

There is no talk of anything else and the conclusions seem to indicate that the singer has just buried her ex in the last session of Bizarrap. But is the theme feminist? Is it surprising that to insult him he also insults her current partner? In this note, some loose ideas from the session of who she used to be (and is?) The heroine of the millennials in love.

4. Recoleta: a driver entered a premises and attacked a policewoman

The security cameras of the business captured the event that took place between Paraguay and Uruguay streets.

5. Paritarias: the Government confirmed that it aims for a 60% salary guideline by 2023

The Labor Minister anticipated that the Government’s salary target for this year will have the “blessing” of the CGT.

6. Miley Cyrus advances her next song “Flowers” about self-love and with messages for Liam Hemsworth

The single will respond with a lyric of self-improvement to Bruno Mars’ song “When I Was Your Man”, one of the actor’s favorite songs.

7. The Best Awards: Messi, Julián Álvarez, Dibu Martínez, Scaloni and the Argentine fans, nominated

The four Argentines who have just won world champions are part of the different categories that will be awarded.

8. Cristiano Ronaldo sold the 2013 Ballon d’Or to Israel’s richest man

The Portuguese star raised £532,000 which he donated in 2017 to a charity that helps sick children.

9. Rusherking presented “Fondo de pantalla”, a preview of his new album

The Argentine artist released a new preview of his next album that will arrive in 2023. Exclusively for Filo.news, he anticipated what else is coming this year and told behind the scenes of this new, romantic and catchy song.

10. The duel of festivals arrives: “Viña VS Cosquín, great duels of rock”

The first edition of the Duel of Rock Festivals between Viña and Cosquín that over the next few months will celebrate new events all over the planet, in iconic cities such as
Santiago de Chile, London, Buenos Aires, Miami, Berlin and New York.

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