History and origin of curd, a dairy product rich in microorganisms.

curd is one Dairy Products obtained through fermentation of Milk Through genera of bacteria, fermentation lactic aciddue to this Lactobacillus bulgaricus, streptococcus and thermophilus, contains one minimum 100 million Of Contains live microorganisms per gram of curd. To know its history and origin, it is important to emphasize that what are myths, legends and the superstitions connected with its origin.

by Mariana Frias

Curd is a dairy product obtained by fermentation of milk. canva photo

Origin of curd

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Yesand was born in Sumeria, a region located in ancient Mesopotamia more than 4000 years ago, in present-day Turkey. Word CurdYou, comes from Türkiye Curd, Curd he comes from yogurt What does it mean knead, This is a word that can come castilian through counterpart French yaourtBecause it was recorded in the 1925 edition of Petit Larousse.

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On the other hand it is also being said that he is also from central asia and ancient Thrace, currently bulgaria and peninsula Balkan at least since Year 4500 BC C. is considered to be before Agriculture or its beginnings. since it was a basic food of nomadic cattle herders,

Development of curd. canva photo

There is another theory which says that products by spontaneous fermentation of Milk, since it was easy to transportkept longer than milk Due to its acidity it was a good source of energy. because of that easy replication made its consumption easier, It was enough to fill the bag which included the last residue with LPour and wait. is still there Turkish household customs contained in boil milkAdd a Yogurt Inoculum and leave him Cool to room temperature.

He Curdas they call it IndiaHaving more It was considered the food of the gods. In East Indian tradition, its holy book of vedasyou can read a List of dairy products consumed over 3,500 years agowhere is Find curd.

Yogurt contains 100 million live microorganisms per gram. canva photo

The presence of yogurt throughout history

Yogurt has been used throughout history moments Notable where various figures are mentioned curd Anything else The benefits they bring. Starting from the Old Testament it is said that Abraham Consumed This product is provided by Angels.

Later the first century Latin writer Pliny the Elder gave it this name. Divine and miraculous food. Galen threw light on it in the second century benefits For gut health, they are connected healthy propertiesAs Soothing and bowel regulator.

The famous 12th century Mughal warrior Genghis Khan fed his invincible army koumiss a type of lAdd a little alcoholic ferment. Nowadays it is highly appreciated in Russian sanatoriums fight tuberculosis,

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The word yogurt comes from Turkish yogurt. canva photo

Dioscorides, also a doctor, recommended against the evils of Liver, tuberculosis and as a general cleanser. in france in the 16th century I thought yogurt was a miracle food. Because there was a legend that King Francis I Correct of a mysterious Disease After eating it. After a few centuries it was discovered that it had a Calming and bowel regulating effect.

Industrial production of curd began in 1917. canva photo


At the beginning of the 20th century, thanks to the Russian bacteriologist Mechnikov, winner of the Nobel Prize in 1908. who discovered it Curd prevent bacteria capable of converting sugar of milk in lactic acid, This acid developed it bacteria harmful to the intestine which can be obtained from Decomposition of food.

Similarly, he found many things B vitamins What is in curd? anti aging agent, To provide very good image and popularity to the product dairy,

Search about curd. canva photo

In 1917, Isaac Carasso Started production of curd Through industrial In Barcelona. During 1942, Daniel Carasso iThe first industry was established in New York American yogurt maker, They started doing this in the 50’s Sell ​​to dairies and then to food stores. Due to which it is present in most of the homes today.

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