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ANDhe role of women is becoming more relevant in the industry hollywood. In any case, the numbers of women awarded are still far from the awards held by their male professional colleagues. Along these lines, on the occasion of the Women’s Daythis March 8, and taking advantage of the proximity of the oscar awards 2023which are held next Sunday March 12, we review the role of women in the greatest film awards.

Jane Champion, with the Oscar for Best Director in 2022.

The Oscar for best actress is obviously a plot in which there is no male competition. That is why highlighting the conquests of women in categories that include both sexes. In this sense, only three women have won the Oscar for best direction: jane championwith ‘The power of the dog’ (2022), Chloe Zhaofor ‘Nomadland’ (2021) and Kathryn Bigelowfor ‘On a hostile land’ (2010).

Oscar for Best Actress: from Janet Gaynor to Jessica Chastain

Janet Gaynor was the first to win the award for best actress in the edition of 1928the first in the history of the Oscars, for his films ‘Seventh heaven’, ‘The street angel’ and ‘Dawn’. Gaynor, born in Philadelphia in 1906, was the only woman to win an award at the gala, a sign of inequality existing at the time in these awards, the relevance of which has grown throughout its different editions.

Janet Gaynor receives the Oscar for Best Actress in 1928.

The last woman to win the best actress award, in the 2022 edition, was Jessica Chastain for his role in ‘Tammy Fae’s eyes’. After being nominated for this same award for her performance in the films ‘Maids and Ladies’ and ‘Blackest Night’, Chastain managed to get hold of the precious statuette and close, for now, the women’s chapter at the gala of The Angelswhich will reopen this Sunday.

List of nominees for best actress at the Oscars 2023

The candidates to win the award for best actress in the edition of 2023 are Cate Blanchett, Ana de Armas, Andrea Riseborough, Michelle Williams, and Michelle Yeoh. Spanish viewers will be very aware of the options of Ana de Armas, one of the actresses most loved by the public in our country. She is the great Spanish asset.

Cate Blanchett in ‘TAR’.

The Spanish-Cuban gives life to marilyn monroe in ‘blonde’, a film that has been highly commented in recent months due to the new perspective it presents. In any case, the vast majority of the pools point to the struggle between cate blanchett and michelle yeoh as the most probable in the event of this March 12 in Los Angeles.

  • Cate Blanchett for ‘Tár’
  • Ana de Armas for ‘Blonde’
  • Andrea Riseborough for ‘To Leslie’
  • Michelle Williams for ‘The Fabelmans’
  • Michelle Yeoh for ‘Everything at Once Everywhere’

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