History of an outfit: the dress of the clash between Zendaya and Lindsay Lohan

Remember… In 2019, the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York invited many celebrities to its annual MET gala which inaugurated the “Camp: Notes on Fashion” exhibition. A bold theme that left room for creativity and originality. Result ? Jared Leto came with a copy of his head in his hands, Katy Perry trusted Moschino for a chandelier-shaped dress, Emily Ratajkowski turned into an ultra sexy elf and finally Zendaya opted for a real Cinderella costume . On the red carpet, the actress was not content to pose in front of the hundreds of photographers. Very inspired by the choice of her outfit, the young woman imagined a real staging. Accompanied by Law Roach, her stylist disguised for the occasion as the good fairy godmother, Zendaya’s dress was transformed. Gradually, and after a few incantations from its stylist (wand in hand), the Tommy Hilfiger branded piece became bigger and bigger and shiny. As if by magic ! Better still, the pretty brunette pretended to forget her slipper of vair (or glass according to Disney) on the red carpet. “This evening dress was designed to allow visual and physical transformations to take the silhouette from absolute understatement to something much more dramatic,” the label explained in a press release. If for several days, the brand refused to explain the ploy put in place to change the color of the dress, the secret was revealed a few months later. It was actually a system of LED bulbs. Technology inspired by the special effects of designer Hussein Chalayan’s runway dresses. With this performance, Zendaya became the star of the evening. On social networks, her look has been the most commented and analyzed. A successful bet, except for one small detail.

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The clash of former Disney protected

The hours following the ceremony were filled with compliments for Zendaya. And on Instagram, the young woman was everywhere. Maybe too much for Lindsay Lohan. The former Disney muse was not thrilled with the performance of her colleague. And the Lolita made it known. “Claire Danes has done it before with Zac Posen,” she wrote in the comment below Zendaya’s photo posted by the @DisneyLifestylers Instagram account. A few minutes later, the star reiterates: “Claire Danes, you wore this dress so well. I don’t know how anyone can think of being more chic. ” The tone is set. Very quickly, the controversy ignited social networks. Fans of Spider-Man’s girlfriend (and there are many) have taken to Twitter to defend her. “Lindsay Lohan has a lot of nerve to come and criticize Z when her reality show has been canceled and her music now belongs in the trash,” it read. Asked about this, Zendaya confided that she did not understand the gesture of her eldest. “I wasn’t hurt, and it didn’t make me sad, I just didn’t understand. But after all, I have no idea what this person is going through right now. Maybe that comment made him feel better. People are negative only because the negativity eats at them,” she told Australian magazine “The Daily Telegraph”. The class of a princess!

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