“Hobbit” Bermúdez scores an award-winning goal for his great performanceHalf-time

Mexico City /

In the end, it could only be anecdotal, talking about the fact that the Atlante fell 4-3 against Tapatío in it akron stadium from Zapopan, Jalisco, but the truth is that the Christian “Hobbit” Bermudez It is noteworthy, because as the phrase dictates, the midfielder is like good wines.

And it is that the veteran footballer of the champions of the Iron Colts MX Expansion Leaguereturned to delight in the green rectangle with whatever talent seemed so natural to him.

Added to the goal that he had scored against the rojiblancos to level the duel 1-1, when his squad was already outnumbered, he gave it a slight puff scoring another great goal.

Hobbit, a paragon of virtues, class, touch and individual technique, scored a goal that well could, at the end of this tournament Closing 2023compete among the best of the course.

Bermúdez took the ball and, without giving it much thought, was encouraged to shoot, which resulted in him falling embedded in the networksclarifying the goalkeeper, who was a little ahead.

With the right punch he could put round away from the goalkeeper’s reach, and on the other side of the goal line. Wow!

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