Hollow Knight Silksong: Team Cherry says we won’t have to wait ‘much longer’

Few independent games make as much noise on social networks and comments on specialized websites as this one. Hollow Knight: Silk Song It’s not just one of the titles indies most anticipated, but one of the most anticipated games in general. In late April, the small Australian studio Team Cherry responsible for development, offered an ambiguous update when we can play it in a message that went unnoticed at the time, but that they have rescued since nintendo lifejust the day a Nintendo Indie World is held.

In the official blog dedicated to the Unity graphic engine (with which it is made Hollow Knight) were delivered last April 27 the Unity Awards 2021. The title of Team Cherry was awarded as the game most expected made with that tool. “We are honored that Hollow Knight: Silk Song has won the 2021 Unity Award for Most Anticipated Game, and we greatly appreciate all the fans who support us as we work on the game.”

Hollow Knight: Silk Song

“Thank you very much. We are looking forward to the day when we can share the game with all of you. Can’t miss much more, sure!“, they conclude the brief statement, leaving the door open to the expectation that we can see it on our Nintendo Switch or PC (the two platforms on which it is announced) in the coming months. Of course, the title no release dateso it is not confirmed for 2022 although since Vandal we would dare to include it in our section of the 22 games for 2022.

No Hornet news

Hollow Knight: Silk Song I know announced in February 2019, with the developers admitting that the project started as a DLC for the first title. However, it got out of hand and turned into a sequel that will be free, if plans have not changed since then, to everyone who financed the Kickstarter of Hollow Knight. was shown gameplay at Nintendo’s E3 2019 conference. Since then it has not been seen again, and in fact, Team Cherry has not updated its blog since the same year.

And yet, nearly three years ago Hollow Knight: Silk Song you could play. It was one of the games that could be tested at the Gamepolis 2019 Malaga event. “You can see that it is a huge and very ambitious game that seeks not only to match its outstanding predecessor, but to surpass it,” said Carlos Leiva in his impressions after that demo. “Not in vain, they have promised us that having an artisan system, over 150 different types of enemies, a bigger maptons of new side quests, new modes and challenges, and of course tons of new abilities.”

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