hollywood actress rachel blanchard shooting film in guatepe

filmed in guatepe ,One» colombian film starring Rachel BlanchardMarcela Mar and Juan Pablo Urrego.

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Imagineer Films is a production company at the forefront of international productions filmed in Colombia. and Madeleine, now Julio Cesar Gaviria CEO And laura franco her partnerHe is launched into the production of a film where “Julio” as he is known in between, debuts as the director of “UNO”. Directed by Rachel Blanchard one in original plot although it is filmed in guatepe, will take us to “La Alameda” a fictional town where Marcela Mar arrives, “following the last steps of her dead husband, a Canadian executive of a multinational mining company and she wants to know what happened there.” Unsurprisingly, this “city” houses a secretive and dark cast of characters who, according to the synopsis, will find “a corrupt and violent society”; and a mining company that practices extortion, collaborates with criminal groups and pollutes the water causing illness and death among residents. As if telling a whole story of suspense and Hollywood action with the participation of Rachel Blanchard, who was in the lead role in the television adaptation of the film.no news /No Idea» as the protagonist for three years; And past year In “deep water» A label next to Ana de Armas and Ben Affleck that makes this production a great bet of Colombian cinema with international projection. Another Hollywood actor who has been invited is James Gilbert who starred in “Scary Game VI» and in six episodes “The Touders.”» IMDb reviews in series other than movies.

Julio Cesar Gaviria «directs Marcella March and Rachel Blanchard in one»

Julio César Gaviria Imagineer Films "One"
IMAGE: Julio Cesar Gaviria, director of UNO Film Imagineer Films, instructing the actresses.

the figureWho’s Who: Laura Franco Franco general producer The movie “UNO” says it is creating 320 direct jobs. 600 indirect, Showcasing professionalism and local talent in aspects of film service that they’ve already done it for israeli productions, poland, Japan, KoreaColombia and usa,

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