“Hollywood Burger” is staged at the Duse in Bologna –

Pino Quartullo and Giobbe Covatta (Duse Theater Press Office)

From 26 to 28 November the theatrical space in via Cartoleria will host the show by Giobbe Covatta and Pino Quartullo

Job Covatta And Pino Quartullo are the protagonists of ‘Hollywood Burger ‘, the hilarious comedy by Roberto Cavosi that will go staged from 26 to 28 November at the Teatro Duse in Bologna (Saturday and Friday at 9pm, Sunday at 4pm). The show is a recovery of the dates initially scheduled from 6 to 8 March 2020, therefore all tickets already purchased remain valid.

The play, directed by Quartullo himself, is set in a canteen for artists in the Hollywood Studios. Two mythomaniac actors, absolutely adrift but tenaciously clinging to the dream of cinema, they say and make all kinds of them, spreading mustard, mayonnaise, ketchup on their burgers, with a convulsive and greedy attitude like their desire to be part, one way or another, of Hollywood magic.

An orderly treats them as useless clutter, while Leon and Burt do not stop competing with their misfortunes and misadventures. They rattle off anecdotes with Stanley, Jack, Robert, Francis, Al, Ridley, Meryl, Giulia: they are the so-called ‘namedroppers’, that is, those who ‘drip’ the names of the most famous people as if they were their close friends. Maybe they are also good actors, but fate has raged against them.

They are two typical victims of the Hollywood system – explains Quartullo in the director’s notes – at the same time so tender that we fall in love with them: too defenseless for a jungle like Hollywood. And it is in this jungle that Leon and Burt lead us by the hand, telling us about their life through their films“.

Leon starred in Kubrick’s cult ‘2001 A Space Odyssey ‘ but he was totally hidden in a monkey disguise. Burt has taken part in many successful films but his roles (from the homosexual killer to theThe Padrinor ‘to the vampire postman in’Dracula ‘, passing through Sam’s piano tuner in ‘Casablanca ‘) is always irreparably cut during assembly. Thus, those mythical films, in which they worked without being able to be recognizable or from which they were then made out, become for the public a journey into collective memories, into everyone’s existence.

Leon and Burt’s frustrations – can still be read in the director’s notes – they are a bit of a metaphor for ours, everyone can recognize their own dissatisfactions in them. We will never know if what they are confiding is the fruit of a cruel reality or a delusional madness, but their unfulfilled expectations of an unlikely film career makes them so tragic that they become hilarious, heroic Beckett clowns of our world.“.

After decades, in fact, the two are still waiting for the opportunity and waiting for Jack Nicholson to pass by. ‘Waiting for Godot’ degenerates into ‘Waiting for Jack Nicholson: Beckett overflows into Tarantino.

With their stories, Leon and Burt go through all of American cinema and their lives, in a crescendo of hilarious anecdotes, unexpected tensions, unexpected revelations, until they explode in a violent paradoxical ending.

A world that flatters you to betray you and from which it is good to steal even the smallest crumbs of happiness because it is only on those that you can build, as Leon and Burt teach us, your life and your dignity ” continues the director, who concludes “there are no small or large parts, small or large actors on the screen of the world, there are only small or large men ”.

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