Hollywood “Terrified” by US Supreme Court ruling on abortion

Los Angeles (USA), June 24 (EFE).- Singers, actresses and businesswomen from the entertainment world reacted to the Supreme Court ruling that revokes the protection of the right to abortion and voices such as Ariana DeBose, Eva Longoria or Taylor Swift, “terrified” by the decision, rose up against this court decision.

The Hollywood industry, always aligned with the progressive policies of the US, did not remain silent in the hours following the decision of the Supreme Court to abolish the constitutional protection of the right to abortion that has been in force for 50 years.

“I am absolutely terrified that we have come here after so many decades of fighting for women to decide on their bodies, today’s decision has taken that away from us,” Taylor Swift wrote to her millions of followers on Twitter.

The most listened to singer in the US, who broke her political neutrality during Trump’s term, accompanied her protest with a letter from Michelle Obama in which the former first lady claimed to be “devastated” by the “loss of a fundamental right in the country”.

For her part, Eva Longoria relied on a critical comment by former President Barack Obama (2009-2017) to denounce on her Instagram profile that the ruling is a “definitive attack on women’s freedom.”

It was not the only Latin reference in Hollywood who raised his voice.

América Ferrera distributed information on her social networks about abortion access options for women living in states where the right has been suspended, while Ariana DeBose was more emphatic in stating that the United States “is fighting for its life”.

“Nobody is going to tell me what I can and can’t do with my body. Nobody is going to tell me who I love or who I marry,” DeBose added about the possibility of the Supreme Court reviewing other rights such as homosexual marriage.

Outrage was also expressed by several of the most prominent voices in the #MeToo movement, including Alyssa Milano, who said the decision will have “deadly consequences” and “will disproportionately harm women of color who already suffer from discrimination and high maternal mortality rates.” .

Actress Patricia Arquette, for her part, recalled that the previous day the same Supreme Court judges upheld the right to carry weapons on the street, even in states that place limitations on their legislation. “This Supreme Court is a mess,” she asserted.

Viola Davis, Oscar winner for “Fences” in 2016, invited to “use the voice, more than ever”, after acknowledging that she felt “gutted” by the decision.

The humorist Amy Schumer was more concise, calling women “to the streets”, although Halle Berry went a little further by demanding that “this war against women be stopped” and asked that the wave of indignation not be reduced to a handful of social media posts.

“We can’t just post about it, we have to DO SOMETHING about it,” Berry exclaimed.

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