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Wingadores 6, otherwise known as Secret Wars, only has a 2027 release date, but a fact from Marvel created an incredible poster for the film confirms that.



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Published 11/20/2023 – 8:00 PM.

wingadores 6more familiar as secret warWhat promises to be the greatest movie in Marvel history hits theaters. Vingadores: Ultimatum Here is the post of Herois Ja Feto’s Greatest Film and When secret war Release in 2027, Elle Tera Que, No Minimum, Ultrapasser Ultimatum,

Wingdoors: Kang Dynasty will be canceled?  Understand!

We don’t have much information about the film, since before the sixth Vingadores we will have the fifth film: Wings: Kang Dynasty, But, faces are already set for that outcome secret war Promises to be.

This is the poignancy that artist Hazza Jarrar (who has published his work here with a nice poster) Homem-Aranha 4) Faze Um Fe Krivel poster of the sixth film.

No poster, we see Tom Holland’s Peter Parker as the Venom symbiote. Obviously, it is not beyond the imagination of the poster artist, as we have not imagined this incident in the film.

Veja or ineligible poster:

What do you expect from Wingadores’ sixth film? Comment with the guys out there! e fic linked no marvel legacy So that no good news is missed!

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Loki and ez marvels vo solver o 2023 is mcu?

Tudo about Wingdoors: Secret Wars

Vingadores: Secret Wars must render a kind of service “part 2” For Wings: Kang Dynasty, Initially, the films were announced to release in the same year, but now, a gap of 1 year separates them – reiterating the point of avengers: infinity war And Vingadores: Ultimatum,

We still don’t have any information about the story of the film, but surely it will be the culmination of the entire history of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Or else, you are very good Ultimatum great, under the responsibility of secret war This will happen at least 3 more times.

It’s with that responsibility Michael Waldron Let’s say Roteiro does a film. The director draws his hair from work on Marvel’s acclaimed first season bottle gourd the distributer Doubt Astrano in Laukura’s Multiverse,

There is not much time yet from the Director and currently the deadline has been set for May 6, 2027.

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