Homemade tricks to leave your stuffed animals like new

You want homemade tricks to leave your stuffed animals like new? There are some that are effective and best of all, you will not need to invest a lot of money. You only need water with powdered soap, bicarbonate of soda, ammonia or another product that brings your plush fabric back to life. Next, we show you how to wash the stuffed animals from your house.

Remember that if you don’t wash your stuffed animals, they could be filled with mites and dust; Whether you have them on a shelf, in a box or on your bed, the truth is that cleaning them should be a task that is done from time to time. Therefore, here are some homemade tricks that you can use

How to leave your stuffed animals like new?

You can wash by hand or use a damp cloth to clean the stuffed animals you have at home, you can even use a washing machine to leave them as good as new. However, the cleanliness of each plush fabric will depend on the characteristics indicated by its manufacturer.

The best tips to make your stuffed animals look like new.  put them into practice
The best tips to make your stuffed animals look like new. Put them into practice (Photo: iStock)

If your stuffed animal has a layer of dust accumulated or dirt is very impregnated, it is best to use a washing machine. Yes, as long as you don’t use a battery.

  • Use a slightly damp cloth to wipe any dirt off the stuffed animal.
  • Consider also using a vacuum, old brush, or roller to remove lint. Combine this action with a little warm or cold water and rub well into the deepest areas.
  • Never mix clothes with your stuffed animal.
  • If your stuffed animal is very old, try to dry clean it to avoid damaging the fabric.
  • Put it in a bag and add a tablespoon of baking soda or starch. Close the bag at one end and shake vigorously.

You can also wash it using a mixture of two tablespoons of soap powder with a small cup of water and ammonia. Shake well until foam is generated, the same that you should rub with a cloth or cloth through the dirty areas of the stuffed animal. Finally, clean it with a damp cloth.

How to dry stuffed animals without damaging them?

  • It is best to leave it outdoors, so that it dries away from sunlight and excess dust.
  • Another trick is to place a towel on top of the stuffed animal.
  • If you have a fan or hair dryer with cold air, you can use it to dry your stuffed animal. Do it at a distance of approximately 30 centimeters. Afterwards, brush it to accommodate its plush fabric.

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