HOMS resumes restrictive measures against Covid-19 due to increase in cases

Santiago, DR.

Due to the significant increase in positive cases of Covid-19 throughout the country, the Metropolitan Hospital of Santiago (HOMS), Through an internal communication, I inform your staff that you are taking restrictive measures to prevent the spread of the disease.

“After a cordial greeting, you are hereby informed that we will once again resume all the Covid-19 restriction measures, because covid cases have increased in the country and we must protect our users”; explained the private center in an internal statement.

While, in another statement, through its communication department, They explained that this center does not have a positive case of covid-19.

In the second mass they point out that the health center will continue with preventive measuresafter having the most advanced security protocols and measures for their patients and families.

Last April, the regional Public Health authorities made the decision to close some premises authorized to apply the dose of the vaccine against covid-19 due to the low attendance of users.

While public health in Santiago has expressed the decrease in positive patients in the province; but if they keep the call for people to attend to apply the required doses.

In its latest bulletin, the Ministry of Public Health, reported 453 active cases, without any person dying from the virus.

Hospital occupancy in the country is at 0.4% for a total of 9 occupied beds of the 2,373 available.

So far the virus has claimed the lives of 4,376 people.

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