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Throughout the world there are hundreds of people what do they want copycat Cristiano Ronaldo, so much for his way of match as per your stylebut there are fewprivileged’ that they can ensure that they are ‘his double’ because of their physical resemblance, like this Honduran player.

Cristiano Ronaldo has started a new stage in his career with Al Nassr of arabian arabia, and with it he became the highest paid footballer in the world. In social networks it is trend for days, but now it seems to have some ‘competence’.

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Cristiano Ronaldo’s Honduran double

Through social networks he became viral this peculiar videowhere a young man identified as Robert Alexander Cazalengowho plays in the Honduran soccerIt has been identified What ‘the double’ of Cristiano Ronaldosince it ensures that your face is identical at CR7.

according to the words of Robertat the beginning he did not believe to be like the soccer player Portugal but their friendswhich he described as ‘very sincere’, they made him noticeso although they laughed at him, he began to assimilate it and realized that it was real.

“I found out because my very sincere friends they told me that I looked like Cristiano Ronaldo. So there I I finished realizing that yes It seemed Portuguese to me. I imitate him in kinship. To my face, this here (features) I no longer look like him. The smile, the look and various qualities there, I’m a copy”, said.

As if this weren’t enough, the Honduran double from CR7 stated to be ‘known all over the world‘ Well, after winning 67 thousand followers on TikTok, you know that he got the fame.

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“In social networks I am very recognizedI could say that in all the countries of the world because in three months I have achieved 67 thousand (new followers) in TikTok”, he commented.

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