Honeywell Aerospace moves its commercial operations to Puerto Rico

The company Honeywell Aerospace He announced today that he moved his commercial facility of Phoenix, Arizona, to Guaynabo, at Rexco Industrial Park, to serve from Puerto Rico all the Mercado de las Américas. The new central offices will operate under the name Americas Aftermarket Headquaters.

Honeywell Aerospace It takes 14 years established on the island with service facilities in Aguadilla and moca, being one of the pillar companies of the “cluster” of the sector aerospace in in the west.

“They will provide support services to airlines, airports and aviation business clients, the pharmaceutical industry, hospitals and corporate buildings in Puerto Rico and the entire continent of the north and south of the American hemisphere,” Governor Pedro Pierluisi confirmed today.

“This expansion, together with the Honeywell components that are already on the island, It means the largest service export project we have and we have had the income expectation of billions of dollars in the coming years. Said in rice and beans is that from Puerto Rico it is going to take the marketing of Honeywell’s products for all the Americas, “he abounded.

Honeywell Aerospace has operations identical to those it will establish in Guaynabo in Asia and Europe. He explained that the location in Guaynabo of the company’s facilities is estimated to generate revenues of approximately $500 million for the next three years.

“We celebrate that Honeywell Aerospace continues to grow in Puerto Rico, because in addition to its operations located in Moca and Aguadilla, there will now also be a new aerospace facility in Guaynabo. Last year, Honeywell Aerospace in Puerto Rico recruited more than 175 new employees and, as part of its continuous operations on the island, project to create approximately 100 new opportunities in 2022“He held the governor.

Secretary of the Department of Economic Development and Commerce (DDEC), Manuel Cidre said the expansion of the company represents a positive step for the economic development of the island. The facility that the company will occupy is over 14,000 square feet.

“It can grow by developing our own quality products and global demand. Puerto Ricans have the necessary talent to grow with the new generations. We support advanced manufacturing as a growth area, and the aerospace industry is well positioned to make it a reality. Our economy needs to change towards one of high value-added services, based on technology and innovation. This will allow our industries and economy to go to the next level”, declared Cidre.

Mike Madsen, president and CEO of Honeywell Aerospace, thanked the government support that he assured has been “continuous”.

“We started in 2007 with 12 employees and now have 1,000 across the island whose hard work makes us proud. The world-class facilities of Honeywell in Aguadilla and Moca support everything from the production of jet engines, until the latest high-tech advances in avionics. We carry out avant-garde designs and tests for a wide variety of products in those facilities, where we have invested more than $ 4 million in capital projects in the last three years, “Madsen said.

“Our new Americas Aftermarket headquarters, led by Heath Patrick, and our top executives in that business, will be in Guaynabo. This location will serve airlines and business aviation customers throughout the Americas. Our engineering teams will provide a new value to our customers. We will turn customer feedback into product reliability teams to implement solutions more quickly.”

The government of Puerto Rico granted Honeywell Aerospace tax exemptions for 4% of the income it will generate.

“The difference is that that 4% will generate $500 million in revenue in the next three years and the difference is that the worker who is part of that type of business is a highly paid employee,” said the DDEC secretary. .

In addition, Cidre was confident that the new facility will help combat the exodus of professionals.

“It seems to me that this is the right route,” he said.

“It goes without saying that this is going to generate tax revenues that are not foreseen in the current fiscal plan and that as they materialize, it is then another reason why the fiscal challenges of Puerto Rico must be left behind,” added the governor. .

The president of Honeywell was confident that the move of the Honeywell facility from Phoenix to Puerto Rico “will help develop the local talent” of the company.

“Over the years, we have brought hundreds of interns from all over Puerto Rico, and I am proud to say that more than 70% have become full-time employees. It is our priority to continue working with local universities and groups of the industry so that the local aerospace sector progresses, “Madsen said.

At Moca Honeywell Aerospace maintains an engineering design center and laboratory used to conduct research and development work in the field of electromagnetic interference and compatibility. While the Aguadilla facility supports Honeywell’s operations and customers throughout the world.

Honeywell Aerospace products and services are found in virtually every commercial, defense and space aircraft. The aerospace business unit builds aircraft engines, cabin and cockpit electronics, wireless connectivity systems, mechanical components and more. Your solutions of hardware and software they create more fuel efficient planes, more direct and punctual flights, and safer skies and airports.

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