Horoscope: what awaits the sign of Pisces in March 2022

The Pisces cycle runs from February 19 to March 20.

Photo: Dark Moon Art / Pixabay

YOUR PLANETS THIS MONTH. With Mars and Uranus in three, you are encouraged to transmit your own truths and challenge beliefs, give way to this powerful and explosive energy that needs to be drained at any cost. Beware of arrogance and inflexibilities.
WHERE TO TAKE ACTION. An unexpected turn within a work group opens a new perspective and career doors that you thought impossible to reach. You will be embracing high principles and focusing your attention on the validity of social laws that are beneficial to many.
LOVE AND SEX. With Venus at twelve, you are going to radiate magnetism and openness. This planetary figure can bring great love, but a clear panorama without distortions is going to be absolutely important. For the link to work with power, the strategy is not to idealize.
THE CHALLENGE. Before you get angry, see what it is that generates that irritability.
THE OPPORTUNITY. A meeting of destiny.
YOUR ALLY. Sagittarius open your heart.

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