Horseback chase: Mounted police arrested a criminal in New York

An unusual police chase in the city of New York. In Times Square, the nerve center of the Big Apple, an agent from the New York City Police Department began tracking a man accused of having robbed an eyeglass store. The officer who led the operation launched into a frantic horse race until he found the reported subject.

The scene occurred days ago on 40th Street, between 7th and 8th Avenues, a few meters from Times Square. The alleged thief – identified as Ignacio Lewis, 34 years old – tried to flee after a warning from the uniformed officer. Everything was recorded by a body camera, and the images were disseminated through the official channels of the New York police (NYPDfor its acronym in English).

The video shows the horse galloping towards the alleged thief, when the mounted officer appears to gesture for him to put his hands against the wall. At the officer’s request, the defendant can be seen looking at the horse, stopping for a second and running away. In this way, the agent begins the chase down 40th Street.

Horseback chase: Mounted police arrested a criminal in New York

Once cornered, other police on foot eventually catch up to the suspect and handcuff him. Lewis was arrested and charged with robbery in the first degree, threats in the second degree and criminal possession of a weapon.according to the NYPD.

“All New York police officers are involved in reducing crime, even four-legged ones,” authorities said when they released the video that recorded the horse galloping in the middle of Manhattan.

According to information released by local media, a New York police spokesman said the 34-year-old man had threatened the vendor with a piece of broken glass, after being confronted for taking seven pairs of glasses from the store without paying.

According to CNNLewis is under legal representation by a public defender of the Legal Aid Society. Redmond Haskinsdirector of media relations for Legal Aid, declined to comment on the case.

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