Host country of the 36th World Congress of Internal Medicine

The Dominican Republic will be the headquarters of 36th World Congress of Internal Medicinebecoming the world capital of internal medicine of the February 5 to 9, 2023.

The event will take place at the facilities of the International Convention Center Punta Cana and its Hard Rock Punta hotel will feature presentations by more than 100 leading experts from some 30 countries.

It is directed to General practitioners, internists, family physicians, cardiologists, infectious diseases specialists, endocrinologists, intensive care physicians, gastroenterologists, geriatricians, neurologists, hematologists, pulmonologists, neurologists, rheumatologists, immunologists and psychiatrists.

will have a extensive scientific program which will include symposiums on innovation in medical education, care for the elderly, patient safety, perioperative medicine and geriatrics in the 21st century.

Among the current and interesting topics that will be addressed are the augmented reality, 7D technology, genetics, genomics, cardiometabolic diseases, obesity and overweight, kidney diseases, and the 10 most common diseases in Latin America according to the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO)among others.

The activity represents an icon in medicine for being the first time that it is carried out in the Dominican Republic, Central America and the Caribbeanbeing the last time it was carried out for the Spanish-speaking in Chile in 2012, it has the organization of the International Society of Internal Medicine (ISIM) and as host society the Society of Internal Medicine of the Dominican Republic (SMIRD) more than 30 specialized societies will participate.

It has the organization and logistics of the renowned professional congress company Caribbean links. For more information contact the email [email protected]. or call 809-565-3500.


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