Houcine balances on the scandalous behavior of Jennifer Lopez in the Star Academy

At the beginning of the 2000’s, the star academy show was an opportunity to see many international stars go through tele-hook. Among those, Jennifer Lopez left a very bad memory to Houcine during the second edition of the famous show.

Jennifer Lopez unbearable in Star Academy?

Houcine Camara, finalist for Star Academy 2, was invited to TPMP People, a program dedicated to the former participants of the show from the 2000s, on Saturday April 23, 2022. The opportunity for him to look back on his experience on TV – TF1 flagship hook.

The ex-candidate took the opportunity to talk about the many international stars he was able to meet and with whom he was able to sing. He remembered, with a somewhat bitter taste, his meeting with Jennifer Lopez. For him, the singer was particularly demanding. “It was special with Jennifer Lopez. Nikos announces that I have to take the plane the next day. I arrive in front of Jennifer Lopez, I am told ‘What you are wearing, she does not like so you have to change of clothes'”, he confided to the columnists of TPMP People. “So they bring me some clothes. Then they tell me, ‘You’re going to go on stage, she’s going to come, you don’t look at her, you look over her shoulder and you recite your lines, she’s going to answer you’

Houcine was not allowed any contact with Jennifer Lopez

That’s not all. Houcine Camara had very specific indications as to the behavior that he had to have with Jennifer Lopez. “We had to spend more time together and it was super short. Her manager said to me, ‘If she kisses you, you don’t touch her skin’. Well yes, but how do I do it?” he stated jokingly.

There is no doubt that this experience, if it was significant, was not the most pleasant for Houcine. The Star Academy, at the time, was a real phenomenon on French television. Many American and international stars in general have agreed to appear on the set of this show. We remember the cult passages of Rihanna, Beyonce or Mariah Carey. It remains to be seen whether the latter were as demanding as Jennifer Lopez.

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