“House of the Dragon 2” is coming to a close and promises to lead the plot to epic moments

The epic saga of stories that RR Martin envisioned is already guaranteed a second season dragon houseOne of the most anticipated releases for fans of the prequel, continuing the mega event that started game of Thrones, Following the history of the Targaryen family roughly 200 years before the events of the original series, the second installment will premiere next year and feature eight episodes, two fewer than the previous episode.

series, which currently filming in the UK, Its another paranormal character based on what is happening in the industry these days It is one of the few series produced by a major streaming chain that was not affected by the actors’ and writers’ strike. This is done by the American unions that group these unions, SAG-AFTRA and WAG, respectively.

According to Director Claire Kilner told the site hollywood reporter, new chapters of dragon house they are “visually exciting”, which reinforces the plot’s intrigue and invites followers into the amazing and epic universe envisioned by Martin in the saga fire and blood to find meaningful connections not only with previous seasons but with events get,

Starring Emma D’Arcy and Matt Smith Deegan’s House,

The prequel premiered in 2023 to great success The story of the Targaryen family, whose ambitions – as seen expanded in this second season – will lead the community of Westeros to civil war. In fact, a great battle with mythical dragons is expected and, as one of the people responsible, showrunner Ryan Condall, also said, these episodes will show a truly brutal confrontation between the warring factions., With Matt Smith and Emma D’Arcy in the lead roles, following the success of game of Thrones, dragon house The “Mad King” returns to screens 172 years before the death of Aerys II and the birth of original series heroine Daenerys (Emilia Clarke).

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