House of the Dragon, the review and why it’s worth watching (no spoilers)

House of the Dragon It is a prequel and part of a story written by the same author, but the series is not intended to be a copy or a replica of the original, rather it seeks to be something that is familiar, but at the same time different.

we are still in Westerosbut there is something in the environment that is unique and that places us at a time far removed from the tricks of Cersei Lannister and his insane son.

The Iron Throne looks different and the Targaryens they dominate They are also surrounded by enemies and allies, and there are also many characters who want power, but the story unfolds from another perspective, and focuses on showing us many other things, such as how the line of succession works and what happens when the world is faced with the possibility of having the first woman sitting on the throne.

Interesting stories within the overall story

This is not just a story of war and struggle for power, it is clear that it is a story of rivalry, first between cousins ​​and brothers (the same Targaryens), and then between two women whose stories are united through marriage, and who are determined to create their own place in the world.

This is why we know Rhaenyra Targaryen and Alicent Hightower since they were children, to find out what their life was like at court, what it meant to be used by their families to gain more power, and that moment when they decided to gain a little control.

It’s a story of family and loyalty, but also of survival, of fighting for what you think you deserve, and of using intelligence (and other things) to advance in the world, and we can all relate to that.

Complex characters (and that you love to hate)

One detail that this series has in common with game of Thrones it is the fact that there are no flat characters, no heroes or villains, but human figures with strange moral compasses, desires, fears and a certain degree of evil.

matt smith He said it very well about his character, he is not a villain, but a character who constantly changes and who has a whole world in his head, marked by the fact that he is the youngest brother of this family, and therefore he does not like it. It’s time to be the king.

There are a lot of wigs in this series, some more realistic than others, but, in the end that’s not a distraction, the rest of the details (like the dragons that are a reflection of their riders), the landscapes and the decaying castles, help to convince you and immerse you more and more in this story that had the great idea of ​​focusing on a family that the previous series barely managed to show.

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