House of the Dragon: they the most dangerous characters

It is clear that Larys is a mercenary who is looking for his own benefit and is willing to kill to get what he thinks he deserves, plus he has many contacts and spies around the city and that makes him a very dangerous character, and hateful.

Otto Hightower

the leader of the family tower has been seeking the throne ever since he became Hand of the King, and that led him to offer his own teenage daughter to a sick, dying, and somewhat rotten king.

Otto also gives his daughter the idea that Rhaenyra He poses a great danger to the lives of her own children, and convinces her to groom them to be queens and take the throne, despite the fact that it is very clear that Viserys I wants to see his first daughter take her place.

This character is calculating, cold, cruel and brilliant, and that combination can be deadly.

Ser Criston Cole

the ancient protector of Rhaenyra Targaryens he is now her worst enemy, and all because she rejected the idea of ​​running away with him and living on oranges (partly because she knows all that about Aegon the Conqueror’s prophecy).

Christopher Cole He is one of the most toxic, vindictive and hateful characters, who is willing to take out his frustration and problems with a couple of children, whom he refuses to train as well as Alicent’s children and constantly pushes them to confront their uncles. (Aegon and Aemond).

Alicent Hightower

The situation of Alicent is complicated, she was forced to marry a king who is much older than her and give him heirs, but knowing that her children do not have much chance of reaching the throne.

Alicent begins as a friend and confidant of Rhaenyrabut all that changes when she finds out he lied to her about DemonAnd when her “stepdaughter” has children of her own, the gap between the two grows even larger. Alicent is the one who keeps calling her children bastards and even demands that Viserys mutilate her grandson as payment after Aemond loses an eye in a fight.

In that moment, Alicent showed that there is a great rage in her, and that she can be cruel and ruthless when it comes to protecting her children.

Aemond Targaryen and Aegon Targaryen

The sons of Alicent Hightower they become a problem from birth, but they are also raised to become warriors and enemies of their own family.

On the one hand Aegon spends his time fighting with his nephews and his brother, and on the other there is Aemond, who begins to develop hatred for his nephews since they make fun of him for not having a dragon, and the incident with the eye it only makes the situation worse.

Aemond grows up with a thirst for revenge (and now has the mightiest dragon on his side), while Aegon is the reason the civil war breaks out, after stealing the throne from his older sister.

Daemon Targaryen / Rhaenyra Targaryen

This pair isn’t exactly innocent or harmless, they have two mighty dragons, a thirst for power, and some of the famous Targaryen madness.

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