Housewife is pleading for help to save her daughter’s life

Among the diseases that most commonly affect minors are: systemic lupus erythematosus and hypothyroidism which cause intense pain.

In a poignant call for solidarity, a housewife from the municipality of Fundación, Magdalena, finds herself in a desperate situation as she fights tirelessly for her daughter’s health. elaina sophia camano mirandaA resident of that city’s Las Delicias neighborhood, faces a series of devastating diseases.

Elena’s story is a moving examination of the strength and resilience required in the face of adversity. This brave girl battles several diseases that threaten her life. Among the conditions afflicting Elena are Systemic lupus erythematosus, anorexia nervosa, hemolytic anemia, inflamed liver, and hypothyroidism. However, their fight has escalated further due to the tour lupus vasculitis Which is affecting his brain, causing vomiting, bleeding through nose and ears.

Elena’s medical condition is complex, and her stay Laura Daniela Clinic valdeyuper Is indefinite. Your mother is using all available resources to provide you with the best possible care. However, the financial burden of keeping her daughter in the clinic and providing her with the necessary supplies has become heavy.

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The distraught mother finds herself at a heartbreaking crossroads as she does not have the resources to buy vital items needed for her daughter’s ongoing treatment. These items include expensive medications, specialized medical care, and other expenses that add up quickly. Their precarious financial situation becomes an additional obstacle in their fight for Elena’s life.

In a display of desperation and unconditional love towards her daughter, she calls her Departmental and Municipal Administration Obtaining the necessary resources that contribute to the improvement of the minor.

Finally, it is expected that government officials will take action on this matter to find a solution to this problem.

By: Yeileth Martínez Robles Informer Editorial Staff

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