How are the $500 bills with errors that are sold for $12,000

Faulty 500-peso bills came to light. Learn about the banknotes for which collectors offer fortunes.


Coin production can often fail and there are collectors who usually pay a lot of money for bills that have errors. This is the case with some copies of $500 that are in circulation and for which they are offered for $12,000.

How are the $500 bills with errors that are sold for $12,000

While collectors generally choose old bills or those that are known to be out of circulation soon, they may also buy some that come with misprints or misspellings.

An example of the latter is the case of $500 bills from the series of animals, which have an obvious bad cut, in Mercado Libre are sold for just over 12 thousand pesos.

Although the latter are highly coveted in the market, the truth is that to find out how much money would be paid for them, it is necessary to consult an interested buyer, although they are sold at that value on the aforementioned website.

500 pesos bill with error
500 pesos bill with error

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