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In one way or another he was right who claimed that Kamala Harris sooner or later she would become the first female president, and black. Certainly not for merits that up to now he has not shown that he has; instead, the runaway senility of Biden as it was he who first named her as such, referring to her as “President Harris.” It happened the last time during a speech on the right to vote for students on the campus of Clark Atlanta University and Morehouse College, Georgia: Biden said he was at the United States Capitol last week, together with “President Harris, to observe one of those “before and after” moments in American history ยป.

Joe Biden attacks Donald Trump?  The lie in front of the United States: if this is a president

If it were an isolated case, we could assert that this is just one of his gaffes, one of the many that he has regularly filled with every intervention since he started in politics. It’s actually not the first time that Sleepy Joe he talks about his deputy calling her “president”. Does he have any doubts about who the boss really is? The conspiracy theorists are wallowing in it. That he is simply more of a fool than is known for certain? In December, during the opening ceremony of the academic year of South Carolina State University, speaking of the “black” universities, of which this is one of the most famous, he stressed that “President Harris she is a proud Howard alumni. ‘

Was he insulting Trump?  Better to keep quiet: the massacre that Biden has on his conscience despite the vaccine, the shock-figures

In March last year he did even worse when celebrating the upcoming 100 million doses of the vaccine he said “when President Harris and I took a virtual tour of a vaccination center in Arizona …”. So who would he be, the deputy? A friend, a little dog wagging its tail? Actually Biden had ousted himself as soon as he was elected, at the end of December 2020 when, even in that case, talking about the vaccine at a press conference he had assured that he had taken it “to instill confidence in the public”, while “President-elect Harris took his today for the same reason.” The real trouble, for him and for the Americans, is that after a year and more he still has not understood.

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