How can Club América qualify for the Finar Four against Conmebol teams?

Friday, January 27, 2023

The need for concacaf become a more powerful confederation at the football level led them to negotiate with conmebol to form an alliance that allows them to carry out confrontations. The most popular was the America Cup in which six squads from North America and the Caribbean will participate, but there will also be a tournament at the team level that the America club as a representative of the area.

As has been reported, the club tournament would only contemplate four squads, two from each confederation as a Final Four, that is, semifinals. Nothing is official yet, but everything seems to indicate that the chosen ones would be the champions of Copa Libertadores, Copa Sudamericana, Concachampions and Leagues Cupso the Eagles They would have two ways to access these confrontations with the greats of the south of the continent.

The ways of Club America

The easiest route is League Cupsince it is a tournament in which the quota is assured and the box would have to win it. Coapa to access the Final Four. The other option would be to access concachampions by means of the same title League Cup or qualifying from Liga MX, to later win the trophy of concacaf. Whatever the way, America He is obliged to prevail in every contest in which he competes.

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