How did Alex Montiel’s wife react to infidelity rumors?

Alex MontielInfluencer and content creator, better known as ‘golden scorpion‘, after a video circulated accusing him of being unfaithful to his wife Social NetworksWhere he appears with another woman at the concert featherweight introduced in Monterey, new lion,

arose from stories of accusation Instagram Of Caroline Castrocomedian’s wife Oscar Burgosbetter known as ‘guarumo dog‘, who shared some pictures from the event where he is seen Alex Montiel with presenter telehit, fabiola martinez,

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We are content to know who is the real Luisito Comúnica, so an expert jury will make this difficult decision.

Was Alex Montiel unfaithful to his wife?

In a video, Alex Montiel is seen hanging out with some friends and drinking beer. However, in another clip he is also seen embracing Fabiola Martínez and apparently giving her a kiss, while Hassan Emilio Kabandé Laiza performs “She Dances Alone”.

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This led to endless rumors which were fueled by these publications Alex Montiel And fabiola martinez They did this in their respective areas Social Networks A few days ago, both of them shared a photo session. time Square Of New YorkEach separately.

How did Alex Montiel’s wife react?

after the alleged infidelity of Alex Montielhis wife dana ariz boasted in Social Networks Who will soon celebrate 13 years of marriage with the famous influencer.

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it was through your account Instagramwhere “wife of”golden scorpion”, he shared an emotional message in which he showed immense love for the YouTuber. ,Will be celebrating 13 years of marriage with Alex MontielThis man whom I love very much and with whom we have built a beautiful life, important projects, a life full of work and dedication, which has brought us great satisfaction.,

,I love being your children’s mother, wife, manager, partner, but most of all your constant companion. 13 years of lots of challenges that have led us to where we are today, working as a great team. i will love you forever“He added dana ariz In their publications.

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