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Cats love to sleep on their owners’ chests.

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Like people, cats show certain preferences when it comes to maintaining social relationships. In fact, various feline ethology studies suggest that these animals have the capacity to choose their “favorite people” or “trusted people”, This is because they establish a very strong and special affectionate bond that will compel them to take that person as a reference, that is, Someone who can be trusted and followed, even in moments of ease.

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According to the professionals at Mivet Veterinary Center, Cats choose a member of the household to sleep with them at night and during daytime naps, as a form of love and trust. This is a surefire sign that the chosen one is the one someone special to him,

On the other hand, according to Animal Expert Portal, Cats follow their protective instincts when choosing a person to sleep with. This helps them to detect if something has happened to their owners or they are unwell at a given time. When this happens, they usually seek out that person and bond with them to provide them with warmth and comfort.

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According to the specialized portal Gabrika, cats are among the animals that spend the most hours a day sleeping. Whether they are lying under a delicious ray of sunshine, snuggling up in their favorite corner of the house or just wanting your company, why do they do it?

Ana Ramirez, veterinary technical director of Civet Veterinary Centers, explained in an interview for Hola that, although cats are independent, they also have a special sensitivity, especially when sleeping.

“They look for a place that makes them feel more secure and confident and can protect themselves with another animal (which could be the owner) while sleeping. Besides, They are also heat lovers, so, especially in winter, it is common for them to snuggle up on their owners’ laps.“, They say.

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For example, one of the favorite places for cats to sleep it’s its owner’s chest, “We emit heat from the chest, so it is common for them to resort to this part of our body. Many owners also enjoy that contact, so they can attribute it to heart to heart contact, It is clear that kittens sleep in contact with people because they like the warmth we provide, and finding a comfortable and warm place to sleep, especially in winter, is essential for them”. say the experts at Hola.

However, according to the exclusive portal I am a Cat, cats not only seek safety and security from their human companions, They may also seek a location that allows them to maintain their body temperature. For this reason, they prefer to seek out places like your upper or lower abdomen.

Cats also sleep on their owners’ chests because they express a sense of belonging to their group, which is why they rub their heads against their owners to absorb their scent and thus feel comfortable and secure.

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All of this, without forgetting that it can also be a way of showing his affection for you. “Ignoring this aspect would be very harmful to your cat, as these animals are also capable of developing strong emotional bonds with their human companions,” they indicate in I am a Cat.

Commented by Juanita Torres, veterinarian and specialist in the veterinary laboratory zoo network This is a personal decision, but it can put owners at risk of infection. “Cats can carry a variety of vectors on their skin that can spread diseases to people. They also contain lice or fleas, or fungus, which can be spread to humans, or a type of fungus, such as Microsporum, that affects the skin,” Torres says.

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Veterinarians say that this type of deformity can be avoided by good management of the environment where the animal is.: “By using external and internal dewormers and giving proper clinical management of our pet through a veterinarian, there can be no risk of sleeping with it.”

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