How do changes in the thyroid affect women, especially?

One of the concerns that gynecologists have during pregnancy is Glucose level, because pregnant women suffer diabetes gestation period Can complicate pregnancy and delivery.

But there are other parameters that need to be taken into account during those nine months and they are thyroid hormone levels, Because any change in the thyroid during this process can have consequences for both the mother and the fetus.

He Dr. Xavier SantamariaA doctor specializing in endocrinology and nutrition at the Cruces University Hospital in Baracaldo (Vizcaya) and member of the thyroid sector of the Spanish Society of Endocrinology and Nutrition (SEEN) explains how:

  • “He pregnancy Seems like Thyroid a significant activity overloadYour Hormone production increases “About 50%.”

And although this overproduction of essential hormones is absolutely necessary during pregnancy, it returns to normal levels after childbirth:

  • “Sometimes, the effort is thyroid gland What have you had to do during pregnancy? increases previous deficiency And continues even after the birth of the child.

Because we must not forget that thyroid pathology is “very common” in the population, doctors warn.

“Data collected in a national di@bet study published in 2017, Show the prevalence of thyroid disorders in women of childbearing age:

  • Between 2% to 4.5% hypothyroidism clinical

  • 5% to 7% hypothyroidism subclinical

  • Between 0.5% to 1% hyperthyroidism

  • between 5% to 10% positive thyroid autoimmunity,

And all these changes can be affected during pregnancy.

Complications from Thyroid Disorders

If this happens, one of the consequences will be The chances of having a new pregnancy in the future become more complicated, “Pregnancy is more difficult to achieve and if it is achieved, it has a higher risk of loss (miscarriage), as well as a variety of complications during pregnancy and delivery,” the expert says. occur most frequently,

  • placental abruption.

  • premature birth.

  • postpartum hemorrhage.

  • Death of the fetus in the uterus.

  • low birth weight.

And not only this, Thyroid problem during pregnancy can also affect the development of the baby.Since thyroid hormones are essential for the neurological development of the fetus.

Hence its deficiency occurs during pregnancy. This may reduce the IQ of the child, “However, it must be pointed out that this decrease in IQ Only Appears in serious deficiencies Thyroid hormone levels in pregnant women.

How to control thyroid disorders during pregnancy?

Thyroid hormone deficiency during pregnancy is usually moderate, so the symptoms in a pregnant woman are not specific and usually go unnoticed.

  • For this reason, Dr. Santamaria Systematic testing of thyroid function between the 9th and 11th week of pregnancy or even earlier is recommendedIf the woman is at high obstetric risk or has a previously known thyroid pathology.

Fortunately, this type of thyroid disorder can be prevented or controlled to some extent,

In this sense, endocrinologists point out as an essential issue that the pregnant woman increases the nutritional intake of iodine, “essential for the synthesis of thyroid hormones.”

  • “In general terms, it is recommended consumption of foods rich in iodine (especially dairy) and iodized salt And even medicinal iodine supplements may be indicated in some cases,” he adds.

In addition to nutrition, Dr. Santamaria says that pregnant women should strictly follow the prenatal controls prescribed by their specialist, taking into account thyroid dysfunction.

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