How do I change the mindset of the Atlas? What lies behind Diego Cocca

His first semester in the red and black bench was a real ordeal, but little by little, Diego Martín Cocca was changing the face of the Atlas until achieving the 2021 League title, although to reach that point the Argentine took hold of his rebellion so as not to succumb to the losing inertia of the club.

The technician of the foxes It changed not only the mentality of the players, coaching staff, board of directors and staff, but also of the fans, who went from “Out Cocca” to the song “With the help of Diego Cocca, we are going to turn around!”, but he accepted that achieving this was not easy.

What was the Atlas like when Cocca arrived?

yes it cost a lot and not just the players, it’s a whole context, it’s a staff, props, masseurs, doctors, nutritionists, kinesiologists were changed; we incorporate more people and we, as a coaching staff, our job is to direct, identify where we are going, what characteristics the team is going to have, what mentality and focus all on the run of the road”, declared Coca in a halftime interview.

“It was hard, very difficult especially at the beginningbecause they did not follow the results, but we knew it was a matter of time; Little by little, it grew, and the championship was achieved. Now, to continue reaffirming this that every day is more difficult to sustain.

Cocca and the change of mentality

The former defender arrived at the technical direction of the Foxes for the 2020he did it in the midst of a pandemic and in his first 12 games won only three, but did not give up; for him 2021 the first fruits arrived, the Liguilla and the elimination in the Quarter finals against Puebla; for this tournament, Diego was already looking for reinforcements with a winning mentality.

The hardest thing is to change a mentality, and that takes time, it is talked about, but above all things it is done, and it is preached by example; We, as a coaching staff, were the first to arrive and the last to leave, demonstrating day by day with work, capacity, conviction, giving him confidence, speaking, clearing up their doubts, taking out this frustration that they said they felt with work”, added the coach.

“I don’t know any other way; hours and hours of work in the clubnot only with players, but with staff, doctors, kinesiologists, so that we are all aligned in this mindset that we wanted to give to the institution and very proud of what was achieved, and for the path we are traveling on”.

In that first tournament of 2021, people like Julius Furch with the intention of changing everything; for the second semester Atlas was reinforced with Julian Quinones as the main figure, both keys to winning the title in December.

“Without a doubt everyone had a lot of doubts and frustrationand the frustration is associated with lowering the arms, not to fight, we preached exactly the opposite: fight, not lower your arms, move forward; there were a lot of changes, players who didn’t adapt and had to follow their path elsewhere. This is hard, hard, but we always had things very clear and we communicated to the board and staff where we wanted to go”.

The champion Atlas after 70 years

In the Opening 2021 the title camea great tournament that put Atlas in second place overall, winning over everyone, and from there the fans gave themselves over to Cocasomething similar to what happened in 2014 with racing club from Argentinaa table that also broke a drought without a championship.

“It happened to me in several clubs, also in Defense and Justice, where we invite people to believe; first to those who work with you on a day-to-day basis, the players, staff, board of directors, and then to the people. People’s recognition is the icing on the cake One already puts it well, happy, proud, but construction is day to day, there with the players, and everything is transmitted from inside the field to outside. We had very hard times, where the condition was not at its best, the results were not givenbut we have to pass the storm and we passed it together”.

Today Coca Y Atlas begin the course to search for the bi-championship, open the quarterfinal series against Chivas; the foxesthird overall, have better placement and are favorites.

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