How do you get the Foxy Eyes effect before and after and why has this beauty trend become so popular among models?

The Foxy Eyes makeup technique is used by a large number of models today and consists of looking up as much as possible. She is inspired by the feline eyes of foxes, which are more open and slanted, as well as having rising eyebrows with a tail that does not lower.

It is an evolution of the Cat Eyes concept, a similar technique that uses eyeliner to lengthen the look, to the point that the effect foxy eyes before and after It has been a revolution in beauty trends, taking the previous concept to its maximum splendor with a more open look and more slanted eyes at the same time.

The before and after of Foxy Eyes and the models

Among all the celebrities who have adopted the concept Foxy Eyes highlights Bella Hadidhea popular American supermodelconsidered the best ambassador of this beauty trend for her feline gaze with large eyes and stylized eyebrows.

So much so that her older sister, the model Gigi Hadid, She has also jumped on the latest eye makeup trend with posts on social media that have received a great response from her followers, especially the younger ones.

They have also chosen to stylize their face with the technique Foxy Eyes model and businesswoman Kendal Jennerwhich has its own brand of cosmetic products, the actress Emily Ratajkowski and even kim kardashian, the well-known American celebrity, as well as the rest of the members of the kardashian family.

Beyond models and celebrities, the makeup technique Foxy Eyes is taking TikTok by storm, with millions of views on this social network popular with teens. It is undoubtedly a before and after in beauty trends, thanks to the innovative lifting effect that lifts the gaze without the need for surgery.

How do you get the before and after of Foxy Eyes?

Although it seems like a complex make-up technique, the Foxy Eyes It is easy to apply if you have a good eyeliner, if possible a professional one, to achieve maximum precision and a perfect thickness according to the size of each person’s eyes.

First of all, the treatment should begin with an eye concealer to even out the skin tone in all areas, and then apply a shade of shadow that adds depth to the look, especially in the eyelid area and at the corner of the eye. eye.

Next, it’s time to use an invisible eyeliner to create the perfect effect, painting the upper part of the eyes with a dark color that will make the lashes more visible. To this we must add a line that rises from the corner of the eye just where the last eyelash ends, and that is the main difference with the Cat Eyes technique.

Finally, it is time to perfect the line with a cotton swab and a little water so that it is clean and without a trace of shadow. To complement the style Fox Eyesit is recommended to use a good mascara to open up the eyes even more, as well as make up the eyebrows in a unified way to enhance the look even more.

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