How Ellen Pompeo is getting better every day after 17 years in “Grey’s Anatomy”

Like Ellen Pompeo will star The curious Case of Benjamin Buttonthe actress has appeared resplendent in the event that celebrates the 400 chapters of Grey’s Anatomy. The series, which has been broadcasting since March 2005, maintains the actress as one of its protagonists and does so in the best possible way. Obviously time passes, but she looks magnificent, with a smooth and cared for skin, with shiny hair and a fit silhouette. What is the secret of her eternal youth?

Once she was asked what was the best beauty advice she had ever received and after answering automatically that it was about drinking a “ton” of water, she made a point: “oh, and don’t touch your face”. The allusion to cosmetic surgery confirms that she is against fillers and aesthetic retouches: “I don’t want to lie to myself, I don’t lie about my ageI don’t put anything on my face. I don’t want to tell myself any lies, I’m not doing myself any favors,” she commented on the Armchair Expert podcast. She prefers to indulge in her beauty routine (even if it’s just for 5 minutes) or non-invasive facials. She only adds anti-aging cream with sunscreen in case she’ll be out in the sun, and like Jennifer Aniston and classic Hollywood actresses, she also splashes cold water on her face (after cleansing) because feels that “it tightens everything”.

She spends more time putting herself in the hands of facialists like Joanna Vargas. She does it, in part, to fulfill her part of her bargain: “I think It’s important that I look as good as I can. I get paid to maintain my appearance,” she told Into The Gloss. Although maintaining a self-confidence and not obsessing about external image does a lot of the work, too: “Everyone wants to look their best, but I think Confident women are the most beautiful, and confidence comes from other things – how kind you are or how you help the world – not how you look,” she explained in an interview for New Beauty.

As for his body, at 53 years old he continues to give himself away with high-intensity exercise sessions. He is faithful to the Tracy Anderson method, but also works with other trainers such as Nicole Elizabeth Winhoffer who loves working with dance as a toning tool in addition to fitness. And to eat, a vegan diet. The actress converted a few years ago after speaking with her doctor, Dr. Funk, a specialist in breast cancer who promulgates the benefits of this diet as prevention against this disease. Now Ellen Pompeo is delighted with the change and has managed to get her whole family to join her diet.

She does not wear excessive makeup, as her character Meredith Gray is one of those who trusts that less is more. And it also gives a lot of space to the health from a comprehensive point of view. In her podcast (which also has one) called Tell Me, she talks a lot about it, including beauty as an essential point of comprehensive care. She is no wonder that, genetics aside, she looked so damn good.

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