How has Keanu Reeves been married to Winona Ryder since 1992?

Is Keanu Reeves one of Hollywood’s last golden bachelors? If until a few hours ago we would have answered this question with a decisive “Yes”, now the question becomes very complicated since the actor of Matrix revealed that he is married to Winona Ryder. But how, Keanu and Winona are husband and wife and we didn’t know anything about it? In reality, things are not exactly like that and to tell it is the protagonist of the saga of John Wick (whose fourth chapter will see the light in 2022) who, during an interview with Esquire, shed light on the many rumors that would like it married to Ryder due to a bureaucratic quibble while filming Bram Stoker’s Dracula of 1992.

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“We did a whole take of a wedding ceremony with real priests in Dracula. Winona says we’re married, Coppola too. So I guess we are married under the eyes of God “ Keanu explained referring to a 2018 Ryder interview where the actress of Stranger Things she claimed to be really the wife of Reeves, to whom she sends messages from time to time labeling him “my husband.” A version of the wedding also confirmed by Francis Ford Coppola who, calling a real priest, involuntarily united the two actors in marriage “When we finished the scene, we realized that Keanu and Winona were really married” admitted the director .

Although “legally married” the interpreter of Neo in Matrix Resurrections (whose theatrical release date is scheduled for December 24) and the star of Little Women they never tasted their married life since Ryder was engaged to Johnny Depp at the time of the wedding (with whom he also starred in Edward scissor hands), while Keanu was struggling with an acquaintance with Sofia Coppola (daughter of the director of Dracula) lasted a few months. A married life that did not exist and has to be done between the two, neither yesterday nor today since Reeves has been dating visual artist Alexandra Grant since November 2019, while Ryder has been in a relationship with Scott Mackinlay Hahn since 2011.

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During the same interview, Keanu also talked about the rumors that would like him close to playing the role of Kraven the Hunter, historical enemy of Spider-Man, in the next film dedicated to Spider-Man (saying he is more than honored if the choice of producers should fall on him), and then talk about the stroke of luck he had inget the part of Neo within the saga of Matrix after Will Smith turned down the job. “It changed my existence and impacted my personal and creative life. Thank you so much Will! ” ironized Keanu, whose popularity came thanks to the four films by The Matrix. Could the former Prince of Bel Air eat the leaf for saying no to one of the most successful film sagas of recent decades?

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