How has the MIR 2023 exam been? Difficulty level

Candidate for the MIR 2023 tests.

The die is cast! This Saturday, January 21, the test convened by the Ministry of Health to access one of the 8,550 MIR places offered for this call. A total of 12,668 doctors have been called to this exercise, which has been classified as “short”, “balanced” and “mixed”, with the presence of images “of medium-high difficulty” and disciplines such as Geriatrics, Rheumatology, Pathological anatomy Y bioethicsas well as rigorously current issues, such as the Euthanasia Law, Covid-19 wave monkey pox.

First impressions after the MIR 2023 exam.

A scheme that the teaching teams have already predicted and that the applicants have confirmed Medical Writingwho claim to have found an exercise with “very easy and affordable” and “very difficult and convoluted” questionswith enormous prominence of Miscellany.

This is how it corroborates Marthaone of the candidates for the test for doctors, who explains that the MIR 2023 has continued along the lines of recent years, with a “balanced distribution” of the subjects. “Normally, in the drills, I had about an hour to spare, but in the exam I have been rushing until the last 10 minutes,” explains the young woman, who aspires to achieve an order number that allows her to access specialties medical-surgical.

“It didn’t seem particularly difficult to me; I think it has been quite balanced. As in the previous call, we have faced 25 questions with picture. All the questions were mixed up, so it is difficult to know which subject has had more weight”, explains another of the applicants, who leaves the exam room “happy”.

The basic subjects dominate the MIR23

As expected, Cardiology Y Digestive system they have monopolized a good part of the protagonism of the exam. They have been affordable questions that the vast majority of applicants knew would be part of the test, which has been made up of 200 questions, more than 10 reserved. For the resolution of the questionnaire, they have had a total of four and a half hours.

Davida doctor who has taken the exam in Barcelona, ​​points out that, “objectively”, the MIR 2023 has been more complicated than in previous years. “It has been more difficult, above all, in basic subjects, such as Biochemistry, Physiology or Statistics. The Cardiology and Digestive questions have been more accessible”, points out this candidate, who stresses that the “most surprising” and “unexpected” has been the block of basic disciplines.

Secondly, Jordananother of the applicants for the MIR 2023, points out that, while Psychiatry has captured a greater number of questions, Pneumology it has gone “more unnoticed”. Likewise, the doctor influences the “high level” of the questions of Immunology. “Cardiology has been accessible,” she agrees.

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