How Havaianas sandals were worn in the year 2000

There’s something wonderful in watching a gray leg slip a pair of sandals, And when an airplane hits the ground, it hits the bottom. It’s perfect ASMR and – depending on whether you’re Quentin Tarantino or not – a pretty potent aphrodisiac. It also calls for freedom at the same time (a Sandal Havaianas not so much the shoe as the lack of restraints) and a exotic hedonism, This is the shoe for those who want to feel the air between their toes and live a life without oppressive straps, buckles and laces. The kind of person who might say, ‘Whoa, I’ve never heard of Slack’ while passing you an ice-cold caipirinha.

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slippersWhich has been in existence since the 1960s, was initially designed for blue-collar workers but is now in service on land and sea. triangle bikini And pants too tight. In 2009, the brand hosted a global model search, which is exactly the kind of activism I’d like to see brand like hawaiianas, And while she’s experimented with more youthful initiatives since then (launching a square-toed sandal and a campaign with fellow Brazilian Barbie Ferreira), it’s the affordable $28 traditional style that remains the most suggestive. They’re not trying to make a unique fashion statement or fit in with any particular trend, His only purpose in life – just like Ken’s – is literally ‘the beach’.


Kim Kardashian is wearing Hawaiian flip flops.

And that tactile flag that’s placed on the third toe telegraphs many things: a Gisele Bündchen in a bikini—which launched a sandals line Competition in 2002 – Playing volleyball on Ipanema beach while men challenge each other to a pull-up contest with flip-flops dangling from their big toes. with football and samba, lifestyle symbolized by hawaiian It is not an accurate reflection of Brazilian culture, but rather an example of how the country has been exported through pop culture. A lush, glamorous paradise full of street parties and future supermodels.

Earlier this month, I spoke with Biz Sherbert of the Nymphette Alumni Fashion Podcast for Smart People Cultural Rediscovery of the Havana Lifestyle, ‘A few years back people used to think you were a freak for wearing flip flops in the city, but now people could care less. The number of celebrities who have been photographed wearing pajama shorts in the last month only confirms this hypothesis. Lily-Rose Depp wore hers with a pair of Scholes, which I would consider my closest relative flip-flop sandals.

Larry Marano/Getty Images.

Tyson Beckford leads a flip-flop lifestyle.

‘There’s a lot of talk about daddy’s sneakers, Crocs and kitten heels, but there’s something very physical about people’s dislike of flip-flops, which makes them all the more radical. They are very utilitarian. Do you hang out with some people at the bar? Hawaiian sandals And are you still beautiful? That’s what draws attention. This casual hint that you’ve recently moved to another destination is very attractive. You just got off the plane and are doing your job now? It is aspirant. Once you start wearing them, you realize what a loser you are for not wearing them all the time.’

Going out wearing sandals that make the soles of your feet look like a Victorian street child may represent Extreme Level of Luxury: Idleness, But that’s probably why so many people are annoyed by sandals that do nothing. Isn’t this what people wear to pick up the dustbin? Or to keep feet from getting infected in the shower or public pool? I would challenge those critics to close their eyes and enter their mental palace. You’re not shopping for household essentials in air-conditioned Budgeons, you’re setting foot on the Copacabana Boardwalk.

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Paris Hilton wore her fair share of Hawaiians in the ’90s.

the return of Hawaiian sandals It’s part of the ‘blockcore’ trend on social media, where people film themselves wearing straight-leg jeans and white socks with Adidas sambas and drinking beer. These Are the People Who Seem to Like Football, But Are More Like Clothes, And while the UK is credited with inventing ‘the beautiful game’, it was Brazil – with its 16,000 professional players – that turned the game into a global phenomenon. Pele, Ronaldinho, Neymar, Thiago Silva… the country is known as the country of football for a reason, and it’s a reason fashion observers found themselves replacing patriotic roof girls at the World Cup’s England-Brazil match. kept. 2002.

How to wear Hawaiian sandals in the summer of 2023?

it would be very easy to add The charm of Hawaiian sandals With today’s fashion obsession with unusual footwear. But I would argue that so-called ‘ugly shoes’ have become so widespread that most of them are no longer considered unattractive: Naomi Campbell wears balloon heels, Victoria Beckham wears crots and Pamela Anderson Whatever they wear. Most are aesthetic, cartoon versions of ugliness that appear to be designed with the specific intent of going long distances in the feed. none of them will inspire as much horror as a pair of Skechers or Geox or some flip flops with toes in the airFor example.

Photo: Escaille/StyleduMonde

Street Style Copenhagen.

Christian Verig.

This girl was wearing flip flops and folded jeans at Copenhagen Fashion Week.

Absolutely, for Hawaiian sandals They don’t care how they are perceived. She stands on the cutting edge of fashion and has the unwavering confidence of a lifeguard on the beach.

Photo: Escaille/StyleduMonde

Copenhagen street style.

Which Hawaiian sandals should you be wearing in the summer of 2023?





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