How inspiring is Matt Damon’s new film for the Amanda Knox case?

In the new film by Matt DamonAnd Still water, the former Jason Bourne trades his spy gadgets for a dramatic story about a young woman who, while traveling through Europe, is imprisoned for the murder she claims she did not commit.

Director and co-author of Still waterAnd Tom McCarthy, explained a Vanity Fair The film is directly inspired by the epic Amanda Knox which took place in Italy after Ms. Knox’s roommate was murdered in Perugia in 2007. Knox, an American student in Italy, was arrested as a suspect and jailed for four years. (In 2015, Knox was finally acquitted of the murder by the highest Italian courts.)

Like many people around the world, McCarthy was fascinated by history. And the director – who won an Oscar in 2016 for his co-adaptation of a film Boston Globe On the sexual abuse of the Catholic Church for Reflector – He couldn’t help but imagine how he would feel if it were Knox.

McCarthy said, “I have closely followed many of the characters surrounding the case, but the first thing I left out was that I was wondering what it could mean for an American college student. Go”. [en Europe] For what must be one of the most exciting moments in the life of a young adult and to find himself involved in this tragedy. There have been so many twists in this story that all viewers have been fascinated by it… who are the people you visit and what are their relationships? What is the story Of Date? “

The dynamic that most intrigued McCarthy is the young woman’s relationship with her father. With the help of French writers Thomas Bidgin And Noah DebreMcCarthy creates a fictional relationship and a story inspired by this true story.

The director explains: “We decided to shelve the case of Amanda Knox, but we got caught up in the story – an American studying abroad who got involved in a crime thriller and ends up in prison – and imagine everything around him.”

“What’s more interesting? [McCarthy]This is what happens after all the cameras are gone, and what happens to the family after that, ”said Matt Damon Vanity Fair In another interview. “And then they made up the story of an Oklahoma serial killer who connects with his daughter to that kind of stress, and brings with him all this sadness, shame and pain.” He is a man who has ravaged this relationship and is trying to fix it while he has to live with the fact that his daughter is in prison. Somehow he feels responsible for where his life has gone and where his life has taken it. So I think it’s a really interesting starting point for the film. “

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