How is “the new Dubai” that is being built next to the capital of Sri Lanka

  • Anbarasan Etirajan
  • BBC News, Colombo

Sand reclaimed from the sea is being transformed into the port city of Colombo.

Officials say the city being built on the sand will rival other financial centers like Dubai, Singapore or Hong Kong.

“An economic turning point”. This is how officials describe the Port City of Colombo, a glittering metropolis that rises above the water along the waterfront of the Sri Lankan capital.

Adjacent to Colombo’s leafy business district, a vast expanse of reclaimed sand is being transformed into a high-tech city.

It will house an international financial center, residential areas and a marina, causing comparisons with Dubai, Monaco or Hong Kong.

“This land gives Sri Lanka the opportunity to redraw the map and build a city of world-class proportions and functionality, and compete with Dubai or Singapore,” Saliya Wickramasuriya, a member of the Sri Lanka Economic Commission, told the BBC. the Port City of Colombo.

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