How is the real story?


Beloved Guevara became the idol of idols of the motagua. The former Honduran soccer player is a legend of the blue club, where he established himself as the most important player in the history of that institution.

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However, apart from his prolific history with the blue eagles, Guevara before becoming a professional soccer player with the shirt of his beloved motaguawas part of olympia. Yes, from Olympia!

On January 24, 1997 a young man named Beloved Guevara I travel to Miami, USAas reinforcement of olympia for some friendly matches that the white club held on Uncle Sam’s land.

Flavio Ortega (QDDG), at that time an Olimpia coach, asked Beloved Guevara as a reinforcement for the team’s tour, in which they faced the clubs Sporting Cristal from Peru and Catholic University From Chile.

Yes indeed, Beloved Guevara He only wore the Viejo León shirt for a few minutes after making a change for Nahum Espinoza in the match against Sporting Cristal from Peru. Against the Chileans he did not play.

– Amado told how everything happened –

And it is that Beloved Guevara before hooking up with motaguaa club of which he was always a fan, had a fairly close past with the rival olympiawhere he has always said that he never wanted to play.

Guevara, apart from having been part of the white club in 1997 on that gringo tour, was at the time an official player of the olympiabut he was only uniformed in a cup tournament, he never managed to debut in the National League.

“The one who invites me is Professor Juan Carlos Espinoza, I lived in Tiloarque where Olimpia was headquartered. We had a team in the neighborhood called Club Atlético Tiloarque, they (Juan Carlos Espinoza and people from Olimpia) always went to watch our games and that’s how they invited me to train in Olimpia,” says Guevara, recalling that 1993.

“Then I stayed and came as a substitute in a Cup tournament, they didn’t give me a minute but honestly it was more out of commitment, it’s not that there was a feeling. I have always been Motagua since I was born and until I die I will continue to be Motagua ”, expressed Guevara at the time, who said that he was always happy within the blue cyclone.

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