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Walmart the largest employer in the United States and one of the largest on the planet, has come under pressure in recent years over the salary issue . Although her profits are astronomical in all the countries where she is present, she has been criticized by the wages you pay your employees . Back in 2021, the retail giant had increased from $11 to $12, but it wasn’t enough for employees and continued to garner criticism.

One of the problems with that increase of just $1 is that inflation in 2022 reached numbers that Americans had not seen in decades: 9.1% in the middle of the year and closing at 6.5% in December. Despite everything, the unemployment rate continues to be one of the lowest in the world, at just 3.5%, the lowest in more than 50 years. Now, back to the salary increase: Walmart has decided that it will raise the minimum wage starting this year in a 16.7% and would reach the more than 1.6 million associates and employees it has in the United States.

This will be Walmart’s minimum wage from 2023

According to the head of business in the United States , John Furner, the company decided to increase payroll salaries beginning in February 2023. The measure includes a combination of regular annual employee increases, along with specific increases in minimum wages. wages in thousands of stores across the country.

walmart minimum salary - salary
Walmart’s minimum wage will increase this year.

The company’s idea, Furner said, is that compensation is attractive to maintain a stable workforce and that this increase would bring the average hourly wage in the United States above $17.50. Thus, employees of Walmart stores such as replenishers and cashiers will start earning between $14. and $19 an hour, compared to the current range of $12 to $18.

Walmart’s salaries had fallen far below those of other competing companies in its sector. Companies such as Costco, Best Buy, Target, Aldi or even the e-commerce giant Amazon, that are way ahead in the race to keep qualified and high-fidelity employees that not only feel happy in their work environments but also with their pay checks .

In addition to this announcement, Walmart has recently revealed that it has 30,000 job vacancies on its hiring websitewith which it wants to continue helping to improve the economic situation of the US, a country that has historically been the leader of the free world.

How to Get a Job at Walmart

There are a couple of tricks that you need to know to effectively apply for a job at Walmart and get your application into the hands of a recruiter. And it’s not a bad company to work for: 75% of store managers started working for hours and were scaling up due to the breadth of possibilities there are to grow.

First, you don’t need a CV or resume to apply to work at Walmart for hourly positions, but you will need to share what your work history is, and your personal data, in case they hire you. If you would like to upload your resume, there will be a section where you can add it to your application. Actually, this can help the recruiter to more easily access the information they require about you.

walmart employee salary
Walmart salary will increase this year. How much will it be?

On average, it takes 45-60 minutes to complete your application for the first time. If you apply for more than one position, it will take less time to submit subsequent ones as the system saves some of your application information. Please note that some positions require assessments to be considered for that position. Those would take extra time.

Look up the Walmart store jobs website and who knows? Your future may be with America’s largest retailer. Positions available for Cashier, Front End, Food & Grocery, General Merchandising, Online Order & Delivery, Inventory & Unloading, Automotive Call Center, Gas Station, Health & Wellness, Hourly Supervisor & Training, and many more areas .

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