How John Wick spinoff Ballerina was improved by promising young female writer, promoted by producer: “AF——ng great draft”


  • Producer Basil Iwanyk praised Emerald Fennell’s contribution ballet dancer The script emphasizes the need for a real and grounded female character john wick By-product.
  • Fennel’s work continues promising young woman And to kill eve showcased his talent for storytelling and received numerous award nominations and wins.
  • With Fennell’s authentic female-led script and director Lane Wiseman’s genre expertise, ballet dancer is shaping up to be an exciting expansion of john wick franchise, potentially reaching the critical heights of its predecessors.

As it prepares to introduce a new world john wick franchise to audiences, creator Basil Ivanych promoted how promising young woman Writer/director Emerald Fennell helped improve ballet dancer, The upcoming film serves as a spinoff of the Keanu Reeves-led action franchise, set between its third and fourth films and focusing on the Ruska Roma Syndicate who sets out to avenge the murders of his parents. Is. Ana de Armas is leading it ballet dancer The ensemble cast features franchise vets Reeves, Lance Reddick, Anjelica Huston and Ian McShane and newcomers Gabriel Byrne, Catalina Sandino Moreno and Norman Reedus.

in exclusive conversation with screen bounce For John Wick: Chapter 4During the Oscar campaign, Basil Ivanych revealed about the upcoming ballet dancer, When asked about Fennell being hired to rewrite the script, the producer confirmed the report and praised promising young woman The writer/director brought in the spinoff, admitting that writer Shay Hatton’s original drafts were “terrific“It was important to capture it.”real and down to earth“Take female-led action. See what Ivanyk shared below:

Yes, listen, we hired Emerald. I think Shay Hatton wrote a really great script, don’t you? Really, great script. He is a brilliant writer. This was the first script I wrote. He wrote it when he was 22 years old. I don’t know if you’ve ever met him, he looks like he’s 14 years old. And we got their script to a certain point, we brought in Ana, and our promise to Ana was always that at a certain point when we got the structure and the action right, we wanted to bring in a female writer, because that’s It’s not… what we don’t want, and that’s important. We don’t want an action film where we just take a male character, put in a female character and then end it all. We wanted the character to feel real, to feel feminine, to feel like she wasn’t sexual, but not to be sexually objectified. She was not a person who did not smile.

Whatever satire you see on female killer movies, we wanted someone that felt legitimate and real and a grounded female character. And Emerald is a big fan of John Wick. It’s shocking how many fancy people love John Wick movies. They also seem to apologize, “Oh, I know.” I say, “It’s okay. You can accept it.” Emerald loves John Wick movies. loved it. And she said, “I don’t watch these kinds of movies. This is amazing.” And he wrote about the great draft. And we used most of it. And she gave that character, the honest character, something – I’m not saying real, because remember we’re talking about the John Wick world, but it felt emotionally based as a female character. That, combined with his firepower, is really pretty awesome.

Why Ballerina is the John Wick franchise and Fennell’s most exciting project yet

with John Wick: Chapter 4 Taking the franchise to its peak in terms of action and sending off Reeves’ iconic killer in style, each follow-up project has a lot to live up to, and ballet dancer Looks like one of the most exciting so far. first spinoff, continental The miniseries received mixed-to-positive reviews from critics, as it explored the origins of the eponymous underworld hotel and the relationship between both McShane and Reddick. Although its action was praised, its runtime was largely criticized as it was not long enough to sustain the length of its show and was too long to be a movie, thus detracting from its lore. Failed to fully capitalize on the growth.

There has been a rise of female-led action films in recent years, although the response has been mixed with choice. atomic blonde And villain is receiving strong reviews, while Netflix’s cat And Gunpowder Milkshake It was met with mixed reception. However, bringing Fennell on board to rewrite the script john wick The spinoff may prove to be one of the best of this trend. His work on dark comedy thriller promising young woman Fennell received three Oscar nominations and one win for Best Original Screenplay during her tenure. to kill eve Received two Emmy nominations.

Fennell is also an accomplished actor, receiving an Emmy nomination for her role as Camilla Parker Bowles Crown And most recently playing a small role as Midge in Margot Robbie’s barbie,

An authentic female-driven script from Fennell is paired with the seasoned genre direction of Lane Wiseman, who is best known for co-producing. underworld franchise, ballet dancer Looks to be a very promising extension of john wick Franchise. The film will also be a good test of Fennell’s abilities to write for the action genre as well as psychological thrillers, which some viewers are eager to see before scrapping it after her initial attachment to writing a Zatanna movie for HBO Max. Given that James Gunn’s new DC Universe plans include characters connected to the iconic musician, one might hope that he and Fennell will find a way to revive the project under their own franchise, especially should this happen ballet dancer live up to its vital heights john wick Previous.

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