How Kate Beckinsale looks half her age at 50: The Underworld actress and mother of one works out, eats clean, stays out of the sun — and has never had Botox or fillers

Kate Beckinsale is living proof that age really is just a number.

Kate Beckinsale is 50 years old. Photo: @katebeckinsale/Instagram

In fact, at 50, she could easily be mistaken for a 30-year-old girl. Their 24-year-old actress daughter, Lily Mo Sheen (whom she shares with ex Michael Sheen) could pass for her sister.

However, while some stars resort to cosmetic procedures and adopt “fad” diets to achieve an ever-youthful complexion, it appears that the secret to Beckinsale’s success lies in not overthinking things. “I don’t really think about it (his age) that much,” he said underworld the actress told People in 2021.

Kate Beckinsale signs autographs at the premiere of Pearl Harbor in 2001. Photo: Reuters

With her flawless skin, fit physique and looks that have remained unchanged for decades pearl harbor The star continues to resist the aging process – and to do it gracefully: She stands out as one of the few individuals who confidently and politely shrugs off her trolls on social media.

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Kate Beckinsale poses with her cat Clive. Photo: @katebeckinsale/Instagram
She’s still rocking high-profile events, including Leonardo DiCaprio’s recent 49th birthday celebration, where she rubbed shoulders with legends like. Kim KardashianLady Gaga, Salma Hayek, and newly engaged Channing Tatum and Zoe Kravitz,

The actress wowed everyone upon arrival in a dazzling LBD with high platforms and a matching black bag.

Here’s what you need to know about Beckinsale’s forever young reign.

Exercise regularly

Kate Beckinsale works out for an hour a day, six days a week. Photo: @katebeckinsale/Instagram

Beckinsale remains committed to her fitness routine. According to News 24, she goes to the gym six times a week. In an interview with Women’s Health, she shared that before moving on to cardio, she always starts with a full-body workout consisting of eight different compound exercises.

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clean food

Kate Beckinsale eats well. Photo: @katebeckinsale/Instagram

In a 2018 interview with Delish, Beckinsale said that she tries to avoid sugar and refined carbohydrates because they make her feel “very sluggish.” She also told Shape that she used to be a vegetarian until she realized she “didn’t have enough energy” during filming. pearl harbor,

“The trainer I was working with at the time said ‘You need to start eating chicken and fish.’ I did that and it helped me,” she told the publication.

stay out of the sun

Kate Beckinsale was born in London, which she says probably contributes to her good skin. Photo: @katebeckinsale/Instagram

Suncare has always been an important part of Beckinsale’s routine. “I didn’t see the sun for the first several decades of my life and that probably helped me a lot,” he told People, “A big reason for that was geography (growing up in England), but secondarily It was that on the rare occasions when we went on family vacations somewhere warm, I was terrified that I would get mustache-like freckles on my face, so I wore SPF 70. . “I just didn’t want a mustache, that’s why I used sunscreen.”

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no botox, no surgery

Kate Beckinsale looks naturally good, with some skillfully applied makeup of course. Photo: @katebeckinsale/Instagram

The British actress had to shut down rumors that she had undergone surgery to look flawless. On Instagram, she responded to a netizen who asked if she had a facelift. “No threads, no thread lifts, no botox, no lasers, no nose job, no fillers,” Beckinsale wrote. I get facials with PRP to boost collagen and microcurrent to tighten and oxygenate the skin. I’d probably try laser but I’m a little scared. It hasn’t happened yet.”

Actress Kate Beckinsale poses backstage at the 69th Annual Golden Globe Awards in Beverly Hills, California in 2012. Photo: Reuters

In another comment she wrote, “I haven’t had a facelift or fillers or botox. “I’m not lying and I don’t have to admit that people are accusing me of things I haven’t done.”

don’t be obsessed with age

Kate Beckinsale is not worried about her age. Photo: @katebeckinsale/Instagram

Perhaps one of his best tricks is not to think too much about it.

Kate Beckinsale says she’s been careful to stay out of the sun for years. Photo: @katebeckinsale/Instagram

“I think about it because people ask me about it, but I don’t think I would do it (otherwise). Things haven’t started to break down yet, and my hormones haven’t had any crazy changes. (They’re coming) from the street, and I’m sure it will make me think more about it. But, at this point, nothing feels much different than it has in the past,” she once told People.

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Of course, her genetics have helped, too.

Kate Beckinsale has said that she inherited good skin from her mother. Photo: @katebeckinsale/Instagram

There’s no doubt that Beckinsale has hit the genetic jackpot. “I’m really lucky, my mom has really great skin,” she tells People.

Kate Beckinsale poses on the red carpet at the Fashion Awards in London in 2021. Photo: Reuters

He added, “I think obviously some of it is a genetic thing, although you can mess with it.”

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